Is p diddy a billionaire

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No. He has around $500 Million, still another $500 Million from being a Billionaire.

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Q: Is p diddy a billionaire
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Is 50 cent a billionaire?

He is third richest person in hip hop. Out done only by P-diddy and Dr Dre

Is diddy a bisexual?

Yes, Diddy is bisexual.

How many syllables are in billionaire?

There are three syllables in billionaire - bill·ion·aire.

Is Lil Wayne a billionaire?

yes Lil Wayne is a billionaire

Who is richer jayz or p-diddy?

P-Diddy of course....

Does p diddy have vodka?

Diddy owns Ciroc Vodka.

How much is diddy worth?

Diddy is worth $1.8billion by forbes.

Does any rock rhyme with billionaire?

No, "any rock" does not rhyme with "billionaire." I also don't think that there are any rock names that rhyme with the word "billionaire." Sorry.

How old is diddy?

Diddy is 41 years old (Birthdate:November 4,1969)

How do you get diddy kong in Mario Kart ds?

Diddy Kong's not in that game.

What is Diddy real name?

Diddy's real name is Sean John Combs. He is also known by the stage names P. Diddy and Puff Daddy.

What is the name of diddy kong's team for Mario super sluggers?

They are the diddy monkeys.

Is Oprah a billionaire or millionaire?

she is a billionaire Winfrey is worth over $2.7 billion, as of September 2008

Who has more money a mutimillionaire or a billionaire?

A billionaire has 1000 times more money than a millionaire.

What are all the names that Sean Combs has used throughout his career?

The ones I know are: Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Diddy. He uses Puff, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Sean John, P.Diddy, Daddy Diddy and Sean Combs.

Is shah rukh Khan a billionaire?

don't have a proper estimation,but he is or very likely close to a billionaire..

Who is diddy kongs father?

I think is Donkey Kong I don't know Diddy kong father

Is Britney Spears a billionaire?

Britney Spears is a poor and lowly millionaire. Alas she is not a billionaire and has never been one.

When did Bill Gates become a billionaire?

Bill Gates Become a billionaire at the age of 31 when his company went public

Is Stan lee a billionaire?


Is jay z a billionaire?


Is shah rukh Khan a billionare?

No shahrukh khan is not a billionaire. He is certainly amongst the richest actors in bollywood. He is not a billionaire sad.

How do you unlock diddy kong in Mario kart wii?

You can unlock diddy kong by winning the 50cc lightning cup.

Who has more money a multimillionaire or a billionaire?

A billionaire. It would take one thousand million dollars to equal one billion dollars.

Who got more money p diddy or lil wanye?

Diddy has more money. He makes a lot of it from Ciroc vodka.