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Is pacific coast academy a real school?

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Yes it is a real school but that is not the campus in which the episodes were shot... they took the pca name from a christian school the school that theyre shows are filmed at is

Pepperdine University in Malibu, California

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Is Pacific Coast Academy real?

Pacific Coast Academy as shown in the show Zoey 101 as a high school boarding school is not real. There are other academies such as the Pacific Coast Academy of dance and other sports. There is a boarding school located along the Pacific coast like the one shown on Zoey 101, but it is not "PCA" it is called the Stevenson School.

IS Pacific Coast Academy a boarding school?

Pacific Coast Academy boarding School aka PCA, which zoey101 and her friends went to is real. Its actually in California.

What is pacific coast academy's school real name?


Are pacific coast academy and pacific coast christian academy the same thing?

I've never heard of Pacific Coast Academy (Is it part of a TV program?) but Pacific Coast CHRISTIAN Academy is a real school, for grades K-8, serving Salinas, California. Its website is or

Is PCA from zoey 101 a real school?

There are schools similarly named, such as Pacific Coast Christian Academy. But, the Pacific Coast Academy on the television show, "Zoey 101," is a fictitious boarding school.

Is the Pacific Coast Academy a real school?

yes and you can meet Jamie Lynn spears there

Where is Pacific Coast Academy at in California?

It is a real school because i looked it up my self

Is pacific coast academy boading school from zoey 101 a real school?

yes it is it is in malibu CA

Pictures of the real pacific coast academy?


How old do you have to be to go to Pacific Coast Academy?

Hi I was wondering how old do you have to be to go to a school like Pacific Coast Academy.I watch Zoey 101 and I keep thinking about is this real but i wanted to know if this was real and if there is a school like this I would like to go to. There is a thing called Pacific Coast Academy. It is located in Salinas, California. I am trying to figure out how old you have to be? I don't know the answer to that question YET.

How can you enter at the pacific coast academy?

P.C.A. is not a real school. the show is shot at pepperdine university in malibu, california. p.s. bording school is not as fun as you think

Is the pacific coast academy school website real?

yes, it is a real website, but it says stuff about zoey 101 since the school is real. You can go to it to find things about zoey 101 and its cool. Hope that answers it.

Whats the real name of PCA on zoey 101?

PCA stands for Pacific Coast Academy

Is Pacific Coast Academy Boarding School from Zoey 101 a real school?

PCA, unfortunately, is not a real place. But, the outside shots were filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA, which is a Christian university affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

What would the Pacific Coast Academy dorms look like in real life?

It would be like zoey 101

Is pca a real place?

the answer is yes PCA is a real collage and its located in California near Mystic Beach go on to Pacific coast Academy. com for directions

Is the Gallager Academy a real school?

There is a Gallagher Academy school but it is a normal school. It's not a school for spies.

Is the school yancy academy real?

No, I'm pretty sure Yancy Academy is not real.

Is PCA a real school show picture?

The Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101, was shot at Pepperdine University on Pepperdine's Malibu campus. Pepperdine signs were covered with trendy, purple signs reading "Pacific Coast Academy", the name of the boarding school attended by the students on the show.

Is ouran academy a real school?


Is there a boarding school that is real and the same as pacific coast academy from zoey 101?

Unfortunately there aren't any schools quite as cool as PCA. A boarding school with cute dorms and a sushi bar? Sign me up! But the show is filmed at Pepperdine University in Malibu, on the Pacific Coast Highway (which is how they named the school in the show). The campus is absolutely gorgeous and right across the street from the beach. However, I've stayed in those dorm rooms for myself and they are anything but cute.

Is pca a real boarding school?

PCA is a real boarding school. If you watch Zoey 101 it might seem fun. But probably not as great in reality. The Nickelodeon series, Zoey 101, was shot at Pepperdine University on Pepperdine's Malibu campus. Pepperdine signs were covered with trendy, purple signs reading "Pacific Coast Academy", the name of the boarding school attended by the students on the show.

Is Pacific Coast Academy a real academy in California?

Well, yes. It is somewhat real. The Zoey101 sitcom uses the Pepperdine University campus in Malibu California. Sorry, but the dorms don't look like they do on the show. Most things that are filmed inside are a set. But, the outside does look like the Zoey101 T.V. show.

Is continental academy a real school in the state of Florida?


Is pacific coast acdemey a real school?

No, its not a real school but all the scenes token outside were filmed at a christian school called Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and is filled with churches. Also the dorm rooms look nothing like the ones filmed in Zoey 101.