Is paint a colloid or a solution?


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A paint may be a solution, colloid or suspension.


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It is a solution because if let sit over time particles will settle. ------------------------------------------------ Actually there is evidence with the related link below that shows it is a colloid

Sugar solution is not a colloid.

I think it is a colloid

is blood a solution, suspension, or colloid

In a colloid, particles of one substance are mixed and dispersed with particles of another substance - but they are not dissolved in it. In an paint the pigment is dispersed in the liquid formed from the binding medium and solvent solution. Hope this helps :)

particles in a solution and colloid will settle out over time..

Is syrup and water a solution suspension or colloid

No, that is false. A colloid contains larger particles than a solution.

Blood is considered a colloid.

A colloid is not a solution. It is a dispersion.

It depends on the paint. Oil paint is a suspension, emulsion paint is a colloid.

Is salt water a colloid emulsion solution or suspension?

A solution is transparent to light; a colloid usually appears murky or opaque.

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