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My doc gave me those tablets when i had a stomach upset.

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Q: Is pantoprazole domperidone is enteric coated tablet?
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What is the dissolution medium for Rabeprazole enteric coated Tablet?

What is the dissolution medium for rabeprazole and domperidone tablet as a combined dosage form?

What is the difference between a chewable and an enteric coated tablet?

An enteric coated tablet has a shell that prevents it from dissolving in the stomach. If chewed the shell will be broken and the medicine will encounter the stomach wall. Enteric coatings seek to prevent this because some medicines are harmful to the stomach but not to the small intestine where they are digested.

How is 5-HTP taken?

It is available as an enteric coated tablet, which does not break down until it reaches the intestine.

Why are enteric coated tablets not crushed?

Because this would make the enteric coating coating useless and may upset the users stomach. An enteric coated tablet has a material that allows the tablet to pass through the stomach to the small intestine before the medication is released reducing the chance of stomach problems. Hope this helps. ~J

Disintegration test for enteric coated tablet?

enteric coatd tablets (ECT) are designed so that the acids in your stomach do not break it down so that the active drug is absorbed through your intestines rather then your stomach.

Recommend which tablet to take to stop vomiting?

Prescriptions like Compazine (Prochlorperazine), Visteril (Hydroxyzine), Zofran (Ondansetron) or Phenergan (Promethazine). Over the Counter Dramamine, Meclizine, Pepto-Bismol or Benadryl. Natural route peppermint or ginger.

Difference between film coating and enteric coating tablet?

Film coat is only coating that prevents the bitter taste while taking the medicinea nd protects the tablet from microbial growth. and color change. Enteric coat means (Enteric=Small intestine) this enteric coated tablet dissolved in only in small intestine. That means this type of coating prevents the drug release in other parts of the body. It will reacts with only small intestine fluids and get dissolved in 10mg concept. like 100mg tablet: 10mg>20mg>30mg>.......100mg complete dissolve.