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Q: Is pentane an electrophile or nucleophile?
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What's the difference in indicator and reagent?

Indicator will changes the colour according to H+ ion present in a solution. Reagent : consist of electrophile and nucleophile. It help in the attachment of nucleophile to the electrophile and electrophile to the nucleophile. Mirza

Is H2O nucleophile or electrophile?

H20 is a nucleophile it has a free lone pair of electrons which is a main feature of nucleophile, however, it is a weak nucleophile

Why hydrogen bromide is electrophile?

hydrogen bromide is not the electrophile its bromide ion may act as the nucleophile, in alkyl halide the alkyl group may act as an electrophile.

Which is both nucleophile and electrophile among ch3cn ch2oh ch2chch3 ch3nh2?


Why halogens act both as an electrophile and nucleophile?

depending upon the reaction conditions halogens act as electrophiles,nucleophiles and freeradicals

What is electrophillic?

An electrophile is any an agent that is attracted to electrons. The electrophiles stimulate a chemical reaction by bonding with a nucleophile, creating an electron pair.

Is fluorine more reactive than acylchloride?

No, acyl chloride is very reactive as both an electrophile or a nucleophile. Fluorine is just very electronegative.

What is product of cyclohexene react with bromine?

When cyclohexene(C6H10) reacts with bromine (Br2), trans-1,2-cyclohexane.This stereochemistry is obtained because bromine acts as both an electrophile and a nucleophile creating a cyclic bromonium ion intermediate. This means the second bromine, which acts as a nucleophile, can only attack the partially positive carbon from the opposite side of the side that is a part of the cyclic bromonium ring.

Why do we call a nucleophilic addition as 1 2 nucleophilic addition or 1 4 nucleophilic addition?

1,2-addition occurs when the carbonyl oxygen (1) is attached by the electrophile and the carbonyl carbon (2) attaches to the nucleophile for the 1,4 the 4 is the beta carbon

Is sodium Cynide a base?

Sodium cyanide is the salt of weak acid and strong base and when it is dissolved in water it gives the basic media. The ions Na+ and CN- second is the strong nucleophile. While first is the weak electrophile. Same is the case of sodium methoxide.

What is insolubles in pentane?

pentane insolube

Is NO2 a electrophile?

NO2+ is.