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is petroleum a renewable resource

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Q: Is petroleum renewable or nonrewable
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Is radon renewable or nonrewable?

You can always grow more rutabaga so it is renewable.

Are fossil fuels renewable or nonrewable resources?

Non renewable. renewable include solar and tidal to name just two

Is petroleum a non renewable or a renewable resource?

Petroleum is a non-renewable resource. It is a fossil fuel and so a non-renewable source. Petroleum is refined from crude oil, which has been formed over thousands of years. So petroleum is NOT renewable.

Is petroleum renewable or nonrenewable?

Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource.

What sources of energy is not renewable petroleum biomass hydropower solarpower?


Is petroleum a non renewable resource?

Yes Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource.

Which is not a renewable energy source?


What is nonrewable resource?

NON REUSABLE:-It is something that cano be reused such as petroleum and if we run out their would be no energy.

Is petroleum energy is renewable energy?

Alas No. Petroleum Is Not A Renewable Energy Source. This Is Because The Amount Of Petroleum Can Finish, And It Takes Billions Of Years To Be Made. So Since The Amount Could Finish, It Is Considered As Non-Renewable. I Hope This Helps!

Which sources of energy is not renewable petroleum or hydropower or biomass or solar power?


Is petroleum efficient?

Yes there is allot of energy in petroleum. However it is a non renewable resource.

Why isn't octane renewable?

Octane is not renewable because it is a hydrocarbon that can be distilled from petroleum. Since petroleum is a fossil fuel, octane is not renewable unless some scientist discovers an inexpensive way of synthesizing octane.