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Is phoebe tonkin dating angus mclaren?

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Shes not a very nice person she does naughty things.

my friend know her.

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Is Phoebe Tonkin and Angus Mclaren a couple?

No, they are not together. Phoebe Tonkin is dating Paul Wesley.

Are Phoebe Tonkin and Angus McLaren dating?

H2o Characters- Cleo=Phoebe Lewis=Angus Bella=Indianna Evans No, Angus is dating Indianna which is Phoebes and Angus's former co-worker from H2o.

Is angus mclauran dating phoebe tonkin?

No phoebe tonkin is dating jarran tauttuan

Is phoebe tonkin really dating angus mclaruen?


Who is angus mclaren dating?

Angus McLaren is dating Indiana Evans.

Does angus mclaren like Claire Holt?

no angus mclaren like phobe tonkin who plays cleo

Is mclaren angus married to phoebe tokin?


Claire Holt and angus mclaren is dating?

Claire Holt and Angus Mclaren are not dating. Angus is dating Indiana Evans and Claire is currently single.

Is angus mclaren dating Indiana evans?

Yes they are

Did Angus mc laren marry Phoebe Tonkin?

No he didn't they are just friends

Does angus mclaren have a girlfriend?

Yes, he is dating Indiana Evans.

Who is the boyfriend of phoebe tonkins?

angus mclaren, at least that's who it was, im not sure if there still going out

What is the 3 girls real name on H2O the show?

1. Cariba heine plays Riki 2.Claire Holt is Emma 3. Phoebe tonkin plays Cleo 4.angus mclaren plays Lewis

Does Indiana evans have a boyfriend?

Yes she is dating Angus Mclaren... lucky girl!!

Cariba heine and angus mclaren are dating?

no they live in the same house but her boyfriend is nate

When was Angus McLaren born?

Angus McLaren was born on November 3, 1988.

Were angus mcalren ever date phoebe tonkin?

yes becuase been together for a long time until indania came and then they broke up and angus went with indania

What are the names of the people or cast of H2O please?

Cariba Heine .......................... Rikki Chadwick Phoebe Tonkin ....................... Cleo Setori Indiana Evans ....................... Isabel 'Bella' Hartley Angus McLaren ...................... Lewis McCarthey Burgess Abernethy ................ Zane Bennett Cleo Massey .......................... Kim Setori

Is angus maclaren gona ask phoebe tonkin to marry him on h20?

NO.He leaves the show in season 3 ep 13.

How old is Angus McLaren?

Angus McLaren is 29 years old (born November 3, 1988).

Does Angus McLaren have kids?


Where does angus mclaren live?

In canda

Does angus mclaren have a Skype?


Is Indiana evans dating angus mclaren?

i don't think so but i am not so sure there has been a rumor going around though

What is Angus McLaren's birthday?

Angus McLaren was born on November 3, 1988.

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