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Pique is a a knit weave.

"Cotton knit" is not a weave but a content and fabric. By cotton knit i assume you are asking about the fabric of the regular t-shirts, that wave is know as Jersey (Single Jersey in technical terms)

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Q: Is pique the same weave as cotton knit?
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What is difference between lacoste fabric and pique fabric?

Interlock knit fabric is a specific weave of knit fabric. Of the knit fabrics, generally it is the best quality. The front and back of the fabric look the same. It is also the softest. It usually hangs better than cheaper knits, but tends to pile more. Pique fabrics are a type of dobby construction. Piques may be constructed in various patterns such as cord, waffle, honeycomb and birdseye piques. These fabrics require the addition of extra yarns, called stuffer yarns. These stuffer yarns are incorporated into the back of the fabric to give texture and added depth to the fabric design. Some piques may be made using the Jacquard attachment on the loom. Although made of 100% cotton to-day, cotton-silk and even pure silk versions were made in the past and in a variety of weaves. It is warmer than cotton jersey or rib knit because it is a double knit construction, making it thicker and heavier than a single knit. Source: Wikipedia

Are cotton and silk thread spun and woven in the same manner?

If cotton and silk threads are spun and woven in the same manner

Are Jersey sheets made of cotton?

Treat yourself with the Luxury Modal Cotton Jersey Knit Sheet Set. These soft, silky sheets are made of the same cotton blend jersey knit fabric that's used in designer t-shirts. They get even softer with every wash.

What is the costing method of woven knit and sweater?

When estimating the cost of any garment, one prices the raw materials, the pattern, the labour and equipment involved, then adds distribution costs.When you knit a sweater by hand, you follow these same steps. It is also true if you weave cloth, then fabricate the sweater by hand.

Is linen the same as cotton?

No.Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant.Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber, which can be used to make other textiles.However, although linen cannot be technically made of cotton, cotton in a linen weave can be loosely referred to as linen.

Is polyester the same as knit?

No. That would be like saying wood is the same a boat. Polyester is a material. Knit is what can be done with polyester to turn it into a fiber, but knitting can also be done with cotton, silk, wool, and other materials.

What is nap on A a light cotton fabric?

A light cotton fabric probably doesn't have a nap. A nap is most noticeable on velvet where it looks different when you run your hand over it one way than the other way. The same is true with corduroy. If a fabric has a nap, it is important to sew pieces together with the nap going the same way. A light cotton fabric, such as a cotton knit or voile, does not have a nap.

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What is the different between circular knit and flat knit?

Circular knit is knitted from different needle by different feeders high production cappacity, but flat can be knitted with same technics but fabric is not circular, low production than circular knit

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