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No, it is not. Metals conduct heat much better than most plastics.

However, if the metal is used as a reflector of radiated heat, it will insulate better than plastic would.

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Yes. Plastic is a better insulator of both heat and electricity.

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Q: Is plastic a better insulator than metal?
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Is plastic a better insulator then rubber shoes?

I think No, plastic is not a better insulator even compared to rubber shoes...Another AnswerYour question is a little like asking, "Is metal a better conductor than a electrolyte?". The reason for this is that there are lots of different types of plastic and various types of rubber. Without knowing exactly which sort of plastic, and what type of rubber, there is no way of knowing which is the better insulator.

Which material is the best insulator of heat plastic polyestyrene or metal?

It is difficult to say without knowing which metal (aluminum, gold, iron, lead, etc) but if we were to compare polyesterene and iron, iron conducts heat about 1000 times better than polyestyrene.In general, the plastic would be a better insulator.

Is styrofoam a better insulator of heat than plastic?

Styrofoam is a better insulator of heat than plastic. The plastic allows the heat in and out and the cold in and out. The Styrofoam helps keep the heat in.

Is glass or metal a better conductor?

Glass has a higher conductivity than thin plastic but,it is still lower than metal so metal may be a better conductor

What is a better insulator plastic or wood?

The better insulator is plastic because wood can get wet easily and stay wet longer than plastic.

Why is plastic frame better than metal for double glazing?

because the plastic is liter than the metal

Are substances like wood and plastic better heats conductors like metal?

We find that metal is a better conductor of heat than plastic or wood.

Is a plastic cup a better insulator than a paper cup?

Plastic is an insulator. but most of the paper is not insulated, because the paper in general contains water, although the content is very low, but enough to pass current, but there also is a special insulation paper, that is on the special purpose. so in dry conditions, and the cup has no water, a plastic cup is a better insulator than a paper cup.

Are the gears on a de ak47 metal?

The ak's gears are not metal, but they aren't plastic, they are a hard plastic better than abs.

Is glass a better conductor of heat than plastic?

Glass and plastics are not good conductors of electricity.

Why metal faster heat transfer than plastic?

I understand that this is for the same reason that a metal transfers electricity better: this is a result of a large number of free electrons, that is, electrons that are relatively free to move around.

Does metal conduct more heat than plastic?

Yes, metals are better conductors of heat than plastic.