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Is polyester breathable?

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No!! I did an experiment testing it. It totally made me sweat like a dog.

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Why is polyester used as a sportswear?

Polyester is a very breathable material

Can t shirts breathe?

depending on the material yes. if it is a fully breathable cotton then yes but if it is something like polyester then no.

What is the best material to use for a reliable boat cover?

There are 3 types of material you can buy. cotton, polyester and a cotton polyester blend. The cotton polyester blend is going to be your best option because it's breathable due to the cotton but still incredible sturdy and waterproof due to the polyester. Cotton, polyester and a poly/cotton blend are your main choices for a boat cover. Cotton is the cheapest, but most breathable. The blend is probably the best choice, since it offers much of the durability and water repellent of the polyester while still having some breathability to help prevent mildew from humidity.

What is Renu leather fabric?

Renu leather fabric is a composite of polyurethane, leather, and polyester. It is a breathable and durable fabric that is comfortable to sit on.

What can polycotton be used for?

it can be used for mainly anything: shirts skirts bed sheets it is very popular as polyester is a non-crease fabric, whilst cotton is soft, comfortable and breathable.

Is cotton breathable?

yes cotton is breathable ;D

What kinds of oxygen is there?

the breathable kind the breathable kind

Is Jupiter's atmosphere breathable?

No. Jupiter's atmosphere is not breathable by humans.

Is nitrogen breathable?

Nitrogen is breathable and it helps dissolves our waste.

What is an example sentence with the word breathable?

Cotton is a breathable material. The atmosphere of Mars is not breathable by humans, yet.

What is a strong and breathable fabric?

A strong and breathable fabric is canvas, as is denim.

Is venus air breathable?

what! no the only breathable air for humans is on Earth.

What is the Difference between cotton polyester and polyester cotton?

where the cotton percentage is more than 50% in the yarn (cotton polyester) than it is termed as cotton polyester and where the polyester percentage is more than 50% in the yarn ( polyester cotton) it is termed as polyester cotton.

How do you use breathable in a sentence?

Here it is: "The word "breathable" is in the dictionary, as are many other words."

What is stronger polyester or cotton?


What is 100 percent polyester?


Are there different types of polyester?

Not really, polyester is just one material. However, there are poly blends, such as cotton-polyester or polyester-cotton.

Is polyester from an animal?

Polyester doesn't come from an animal. It comes from the polyester trees located in the great polyester forest of South Dakota.

Is Neptune breathable?

No, it is not.

Is there a breathable atmosphere on the planet Uranus?

No it is not breathable, because the planet is full of dangerous gases such as methane.

Which dries faster cotton or polyester?


Does polyester stretch?

Polyester is scratch resistance.

What are the properties of polyester?

polyester is a synthetic fabric.

Is polyester natural or synthetic?

Polyester is synthetic.

How do you say polyester in french?

le polyester