Is possible to see Stars in the day?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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not a tall will we see stars in sky during the

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Q: Is possible to see Stars in the day?
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Is it possible to see 9 shooting stars in a single night?

It is possible to see hundreds of shooting stars in a single night, during a meteor shower.

How do you see the stars at the day time?

You can see some of the brightest stars and planets if you know EXACTLY where to look. Look a few degrees off, and you won't see it. I have oftentimes seen Venus (the brightest planet) during the day, even at noon. So far I have not managed to see Sirius (the brightest star), but I have been told that it is possible.

When do the stars come out?

The stars are always out just during the day you can't see them

What can't you see stars in the day?

You cant see the stars at day because that is when all the alien space ship fly over the sky blocking out the stars also the stars may be brbing because their busy trolololo

Why cant we see stars during the day?

We can, t see the stars in a day beacues the light of sun is very bright comparatively to the stars thes reason

Can you see the moon and stars at day time?

You can see the moon sometimes

Can you see stars from the bottom of a well during the day?


Why cant we see most stars during the day?

Because the sun is brighter than stars

If in a deep hole during day would you see the stars?


When is the perfect day when you can see the stars?

There is no perfect day. All you need is a clear night.

Why do you see the sun in the day and you dont see the others stars?

because the light from the sun is so close to us and so bright it blocks out the light from the other stars. The only time you can see light from other stars during the day is during a solar eclipse.

Why isn't it possible to use the stars or sun for directions?

it IS possible.... because you would see the North Star and know where you are.