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Is post graduate teacher a Gazette officer in ap model school

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Q: Is post graduate teacher a gazetted officer in ap model school?
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Is higher secondary school teacher a gazetted officer in Kerala state?

Govt Higher Secondary School Teacher is a Gazetted Officer in Kerala.

Is a private school headmaster a gazetted officer?


Who are the gazetted officers of government of Maharashtra?

private school Head master is gazetted officer ?

Can a principal of a school be a gazetted officer?

YES.............if the School is a Government School

Head of the high school is a gazetted officer?


Can principal of a school be a gazetted officer in Bangladesh?

yes govertment college principal is gazetted officer....

How do you ask a teacher for a reference for grad school?

"Hey teacher........Can I have a reference for graduate school?"

Is a government school principal is a gazetted officer?

no to be an official gazette you need to associated with governmental rotary

Is Ncc major a gazetted officer?

NCC is a youth cadet corp program in India. It is on volunteer basis and aims to groom youth of the country to be better and disciplined citizens. An NCC major is an associate NCC officer and is selected to be trained from amongst school and college teachers. He/she is not a gazetted officer.

Is sub-inspector of school is a gazetted officer?

i think, sub assistant engineer is not a designation in govt department.

Can a teacher say you wont graduate from school in front of the whole entire class?


Is Vice principal of a govt. school a gazetted officer or not?

yes Vice princiapl enjoys very high status and he is the gazzeted officer and well opted person to attest the marksheets etc he is class a gzzted officer of very high status he enjoys and best person.