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Project Free TV is safe to use. There use to be viruses but there aren't anymore as they are no longer objected by the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Agency). Before this, they didn't have enough funds and were hacked.

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It is possible, yes. If you Google it and a malicious software warning from Google pops up, you may want to think twice before entering the site. Also if you do not have virus protection on your computer you might want to think of getting that before you go on any other websites, that might possibly give you a virus.

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yes virus free

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Q: Is project free tv safe to use?
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Where can you watch the bible free online?

project free tv

Can I watch The Walking Dead on Project Free TV?

You can watch The Walking Dead on Project Free TV. It is one of the dozens of television shows and movies that appear on the website to watch for free.

What is a legitimate receiver for free to air tv?

Any receiver that is safe to use and does not act as a re-broadcaster to other areas is legitimate for free to air TV.

How do you get unlimited viewing on project free TV?

Project Free TV now has unlimited viewing after not being objected by the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Agency).

What is project free tv?

a free tv/movie website. you can stream anything new or old online.

Is project free TV?

a free tv/movie website. you can stream anything new or old online.

Where can you watch here come the girls 2 online free?

you can watch it on project free TV for free

How does project free tv work?

Project Free TV is a website that enables you to watch movies and TV shows for free. It works by choosing a movie or TV show by year, genre or you can search alphabetically. Choose a streaming link and watch the movie or show on your computer for free.

Where can you watch a FULLepisode of glee?

Google Project Free TV :)

Where can you watch elektra for free?

Project Free TV - Google it, then search "elektra" in the search bar movies

Where can you watch bones season 7 episode 8 for free?

You can watch it for free on Project Free Tv .

Is project free tv safe?

It's NOT safe. I got a Trojan virus from watching a TV episode on Project Free TV. I didn't download anything, but a fake Antivirus Scan program popped up and paralyzed my computer. Two weeks later, I got the EXACT same virus watching a video on Like the last time, it was from streaming a video. All of the free video sites open up pop up windows when you click on them. You can close the windows, but I think viruses hide in them. You don't have to download anything to get infected. Always watch at your own risk... If you run lines or mac you should be safe. I have been using project free TV for a ear now and have had no problems with my mac. the only thing I would suggest is if you want to watch the program immediately than you should get better/quicker internet capability. The only hard part is when you want to watch a movie and it keeps freezing to upload more data.