Is propionic acid dangerous

Updated: 9/15/2023
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No. Propionic acid is listed by the FDA as a synthetic flavoring substance that is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for its intended use (21 CFR 184.1081).

It may cause mild skin irritation if mishandled.

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Q: Is propionic acid dangerous
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What kind of acid is propionic acid?


What is the chemical formula of propionic acid?

The chemical formula of the propionic (propanoic) acid is C3H6O2.

What is the color of propionic acid?


What is the PH of propionic acid?


What type of fatty acid is a propanoic acid?

Propionic acis is not a fatty acid.

What is the difference between proprionic acid and propionic acid?

Proprionic acid, propionic acid, and propanoic acid are synonyms for the same compound as evidenced by referencing the following links. Note the entries describe a molecule of the same CAS number, formula and molecular weight.

What has the author Robert Jackson Medlock written?

Robert Jackson Medlock has written: 'A study of the preparation of propionic acid and it's [sic] metallic propionates' -- subject(s): Propionic acid

What are two examples of fat?

Propionic acid - Propanoic acid - C3:0 Butyric acid - Butanoic acid - C4:0

The formula c3h6o2 represent which compound?

C3H6O2 is a molecular formula for propionic acid.

What has the author Edgar McCreary Faber written?

Edgar McCreary Faber has written: 'The esterification of acetic and propionic acids by methyl, ethyl, propyl, isobutyl and isoamyl mercaptans' -- subject(s): Acetic acid, Esters, Propionic acid