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Is pus from a popped zit bad to get on skin?

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No, but it shouldn't be there in the first place-pus either comes from a picked zit or othere skin infections, or if it's coming from a cut, the cut's infected. Basically, DONT GO AROUND POPPING ZITS

2009-03-01 16:42:55
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What is the pus in a zit?

The pus in a zit is bactaria from all the dirt that is in the zit if you want it to go away don't pop it because it will flare up and your present, a scar so just use facewash or something helpful and it will go away

What does a wart look like when you first get it?

a popped zit

How do you heal a popped zit?

Put some antibiotic on it and wait.

What is the best way to treat pus?

the best way to treat pus is to wash your hands then get a tissue and press the zit then you get a pin and prick it then you squeeze it a little bit after it all comes out put some zit cream on it

How do you reduce swelling of a popped zit?

suck my balls..catrman voice

What does a zit look like?

A zit looks like a tiny red bump. Zits can be tender or painful and will develop a head that is filled with pus.

How do you get rid of zits in one night?

Sometimes Toothpaste can work...It dries out the zit and depending on your skin type it can shrink nit. I tried it once and for me it made the slightest difference, however it did sorta help. When you put the toothpaste on the zit DONT RUB IT IN. Just dab it on lightly ... Also don't pop the zit. If you already popped it the toothpaste won't work...Thats from my experience.

What are the uses of peppermint on skin?

I have no idea. If you put mint tooth paste on a zit for about an hour it will take the zit away.

How does a zit look like?

a red dot with a white dot popping out in the middle if you pop it it'll spurt pus and then blood.

Could a zit be skin cancer?

No. Acne and skin cancers have totally different appearances.

How do you cover up a zit with make up?

First you get makeup that matches your skin color, then you get that makeup and dab it in your zit, then you wait a while until the makeup perfectly blends in with your skin, but don't go anywhere until the makeup has perfectly blended in with your skin!Then when it's done then you can go around pretending you don't have a zit.

How do you have pimpels on the penis?

Usually these are the result of ingrown hairs, and will resolve themselves without intervention. If it seems to be turning into a zit, with some pus in the middle, you can try gently popping it and washing it carefully like you would with a zit anywhere else.

My guinea pig grew this large zit that we popped. She scratched at it and lost most of her hair on her back. It is gone in this large patch and the skin is this grayish color. What should I do?

Best totake it too the vet and let them look at it.

Is it a good idea to pop a zit?

It is not a good idea to pop a zit. The reason one is not supposed to pop a zit is because anything skin is deliberately broken, it increases the risk of creating a scar or getting an infection.

What is Miley Cyrus Favorite Zit Cure?

Desitin! On September 22, Miley tweeted, "So a massive zit popped up before Staples which just CANNOT be there! So I put Desitin (diaper rash ointment haha) on it and it is GONE!"

Has a big zit?

LOTS of butter! just apply it evenly throughout the skin and.... BAM! your skin good as new ((((:

Is it bad to pop a pimple?

It is very bad to pop a pimple. If you're going to do it, you must have washed your hands thoroughly and washed the area in which you will pop the zit. Then you should moisturize the area of the zit, and don't rinse whatever you put on off. Pus will come out, and make sure to clean it off your skin. Be careful- popping might result in a scar. Actually, always results in a scar. If it is not necessary, just stay away from the entire process. Sometimes acne treatments take four to eight weeks to see a difference, which make you inclined to pop your zits. Again, only do it if it is necessary.

Should you be worried if you had a pimple on your labia and it popped and white stuff and blood comes out?

No it was just a zit like the ones you get on your face and other parts of your body.

Is it good or bad to pop zits?

Its bad because if you pop it then the mark will stay there and it will later become a scar. After couple of weeks, under your skin will be red from the area of which you popped it. So never pop or squeeze a zit or pimple. If you want them to go away simply just wash your face with soap and water and try not to touch your face a lot because when you touch your face constantly its filled with germs and that will go into your skin and that will also cause more germs and dirt on your face. And eventually it will go away.

What is a blind zit?

A Blind Zit can be a fairly large or fairly small pimple that has been stored far beneath the skin.These types of zits are not easily popped because there is a layer of skin blocking it, which is usually the cause of the large bump.Unless the zit rises to the surface, you can use a needle to poke into the middle of the zit to reach the pocket. However, I highly recommend not using this method to get rid of the zit.How to get rid of the Blind Pimple:My own personal way of getting rid of blind pimples is by NOT POPPING THE ZIT. Under any circumstances, do not pop this zit. It will only cause scarring and pain.Freeze an ice pack in the freezer and every night, take the ice pack out and place it on the zit when you are sleeping. The cold will help decrease swelling and make the zit smaller.After a while, you might be able to pluck off the top and squeeze the blood out. (Sometimes, blood is all you will get so don't pick too much. Just take the blood out to relieve the pressure.) IMMEDIATELY wash your face after removing the blood. Continue to use the ice pack until the pimple is completely gone.How to pop the zit safely:If you wish to pop your zit due to personal reasons, do the complete opposite from my method. Use a hot pack every night and place it on the zit while you sleep.After a few nights, see if the zit has risen to the surface. If it has, simply pluck off the top and squeeze the zit out.Some cons about using this method is you will have scarring and there may be a lot of bleeding. Also, when you pop the zit, it might hurt!(ZPT) Zit Popping Tip:When popping zits, use your knuckles instead of using your finger tips. This will prevent the fingernail indents and prevent a scar.

Yesterday I popped a zit and now skin is growing over it. I know this is a sign of healing and that this is better than it scabbing over but does anyone know any ways to hurry it up.?

Leave it alone, the skin takes its own time to heal. If you can get some paw-paw ointment that may help. Go to a Health Food shop.

Is it bad if you pop your zit?

No. But dont stratch it off. Also, if you wanna get rid of them, i suggest you see a face doctor, or a skin doctor. Ive been taking pills for my acne. It really works.

What ointments would be good for a huge zit?

A person looking to cure a huge zit could go to their local drugstore or pharmacy where they would find a wide range of acne treatments available. If the spot is especially bad and they do not have sensitive skin, they may wish to use a maximum strength formulation containing benzoyl peroxide.

Pop a zit?

Don't pop zits! Picking at your skin is never a good thing. Try a product designed to target blemishes. I'm a fan of Bremenn Lab's Emergency Zit Stick. You just apply it to the zit and it helps minimize the redness and swelling on contact. It's a lifesaver, I keep mine in my purse at all times!

Does popping zits give you more zits?

Yes. Let me enlighten you. When you pop a zit, it often tends to pop to the outside of your body, crashing into the mirror, something like that. But sometimes, the way you pop it, makes it pop from the inside, and makes the pus contaminate other areas of your skin, and that will make other zits to appear.