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Quartz is a homogeneous substance. It is the compound silicon dioxide, SiO2.

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Is quartz a pure substance homogeneous mixture or heterogeneous mixture?

Quartz (silicon dioxide, SiO2) is a pure substance, not a mixture.

Is quartz heterogeneous or homogeneous?

Pure quartz is homogeneous. However, so-called quartz rocks found in nature are usually heterogeneous.

Is Jello an heterogeneous substance?

No, it is a homogeneous substance.

Is iron ore a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Iron ore is a heterogeneous substance.

Is plastic wrap a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Homogeneous can it be used as one substance

Is sugar a heterogeneous or homogeneous substance?

Sugar is a compound, which is a homogeneous substance, but not a mixture.

Different shape of homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture?

heterogeneous and homogeneous is not the same so the substance is homogeneous and the mixture is heterogenous..

Is granite a homogeneous substance?

No, it is heterogeneous.

Is sand a homogeneous heterogeneous or pure substance?

Sand can be heterogeneous as sand can be made up of more than one mineral/substance. However sand is frequently made up of just quartz grains (or in the tropics Just calcite grains) and in these cases the sand would be homogeneous.

Is quartz homogeneous?

Theoretically yes, though any given sample of quartz may contain inclusions (non-quartz stuff trapped inside) making it heterogeneous.

Is koolaid a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

i think its a heterogeneous... no homogeneous.. naw heterogeneous... wait man i dnt know look it up,

Is granite homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Granite is a heterogeneous substance. This is due to the fact that it does not appear to be consistently made of one material. An example of a homogeneous substance would be water.

Is wood a homogeneous or heterogenous substance?

wood is a heterogeneous substance..

What is the difference homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture?

homogeneous have same substance in mixture.heterogeneous have two different substance.

Is sulfur heterogeneous of homogeneous?

Sulfur is an element and therefore a homogeneous substance.

Define homogeneous and heterogeneous?

An item that is homogeneous is completely uniform in its substance. An items that is heterogeneous is not uniform and has many components.

Are iodine crystals homogeneous or heterogeneous?

They are homogeneous. But they are not a mixture, so they are a pure substance

Is white sugar heterogeneous?

No, it is a chemically homogeneous substance.

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