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Is ramp front sight pinned on the model 19-5?

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How do you remove front sight blade on Remington 742 rifle?

1. Remove the screw to the rear of the front sight ramp.2. Remove the "blade" from the front sight ramp.3. Remove the screw from the front of the front sight ramp (which was formerly seated under the "blade").

How do you remove the front sight on a Winchester Model 94?

The front sight is mounted on a "dove tail", you just tap it out of the notch in the ramp with a hammer and a punch or drift pin. The ramp is welded on, you cant take it off.

What does PG mean on a Remington model 514?

The "P" designates peep rear sight & ramp front sight, not sure of the "G" designation.

Does the pre 64 model 94 without peep sight have a brush guard over the sight on end of barrel?

Winchester buckhorns often came with hoods. Look at the sides of the front sight ramp.Are there slots cut into the sides of the ramp? If there are, the sight originally came with a hood.

Where can you find a front ramp sight for a Model sixty. twenty two caliber rifle?


What company made rear sights for Winchester model 70 1953?

The standard mod 70 had a Winchester bead front sight on a ramp base with a sight cover. The standard rear sight was a Winchester 22G open sight. The rifles chambered for .375 H&H Mag had the Lyman 6W folding rear sight. Model 70 National Match (chambered for .30-06 only) had a Lyman No. 77 front sight on a forged ramp sight base and a Lyman No. 48WH rear sight. All receivers were tapped and drilled for popular scope and iron sights. The Model 70 Super Grade had a Redfield full gold bead front sight on a ramp with sight cover and a Winchester 22G open rear sight. (with acknowledgement to The Gun Digest, seventh edition, 1953)

Model 67E is it a slug gun?

Some were, they had a folding rear sight and a ramp front sight on a 21" or 24" cylinder barrel. Other 67s had longer choked barrels

How do you remove the front ramp site on a 760 Remington rifle?

There are two screws securing the ramp to the barrel. One screw is quite obvious at the rear of the ramp. The other screw is under the front sight blade. Remove the front sight blade and you will be able to remove the mounting screw.

Where can you get a rear sight ramp for a Winchester model 1894?

Start with then eBay and

How do you remove the front sight on a Winchester model 70?

Only 1 screw is visible, there are 2. Remove front sight hood, drive dove tail blade out from left to right. The other screw is visible now. Remove both screws and the ramp comes off.

Estimate value of Marlin model 336C 35 Cal with serial 92038043 with adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear ramp front sight with brass head and Wide-Scan hood?

Blue Book of Gun Values will assist you.

What is the value of a Mossberg 22 Model 341?

Depending on condition- $100-$125. 22 lr,l,s, 7 shot detachable magazine. 24" barrel. weight 6.5 lbs. Monte Carlo stock, checkered pistol grip and forearm, sling swivels. No. S320 ramp front sight, No. 4505 rear sight. 1972-1995.

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When was a ward western field model number 46 22s-l-lr made?

The Wards Model 46 cross references to the Mossberg Model 42, Takedown, 22 lr,l,s, 7-shot detachable box magazine. 24" barrel. Weight 5 lbs. Pistol grip stock made to NRA specifications, 1.25" swivels. Chrome plated bolt, handle and trigger. No. 1A ramp front sight, No. S134 rear sight, No. 3 receiver sight. Made 1935-1937. See For Mossberg related topics.

What are the specifications of a Glenfield model 60 22 rifle?

According to my owner's manual for the Marlin Glenfield autoloaders 75C and 60, the model 60 specs are as follows: Length: 40 1/2", Weight: 5 1/2 lbs., Barrel: 22", Front sight: Ramp, Rear sight: Adj. open, Mag. Type: Tubular, Stock: 1 pc. walnut-finish hardwood, Ammunition: .22 L.R., Mag. Capacity: 18. Manual dated 1975.

Who made the Wards Western Field Model 38?

I have one of the Western Field 38 and after some searching on the internet I found a sight with OLD mossberg catalogs on it. it looks like mine is a Mossberg Model 35 with No.3 Peep Sight and and the mulit post ramp sight. I think the No.3 peep was a lower cost option than the micro-click. Mossberg did in fact make that rifle for Montgomery Wards.

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Where can you get a front ramp and site for a Winchester model 1894?

I would start looking at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.They may be found on the web.Also check Brownells Gunsmithing catalog.

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How do you tell whether your older Rossi 38 5 shot revolver is a model 31 38 68 or other model since there is no visible model number behind the cylinder crane on the frame?

Rossi model number 31 had a 4" barrel and was discontinued in 1985. Model 68 came with a 2 or a 3" barrel. There is no model 38 Rossi. Model 88 and 88/2 only came in stainless steel finish. They also had a 2 or 3" barrel. Rossi did make the "Rossi Double Action Revolver" which has no model number. It was 5 round in the 38 special caliber, came with 3 or 6" barrel, adjustable rear sight, fixed ramp style front sight, blued or nickel finish, wood or plastic grips, and was produced from 1965 to 1991. Since you are not able to find the model number, it is very likely this is the gun you have.

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