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Is reasonable an adjective?

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What is the noun of reasonable?

The noun form of the adjective 'reasonable' is reasonableness.The word 'reasonable' is the adjective form of the noun reason.

Is reasonable a verb?

It is an adjective.

What part of speech is reasonable?

Reasonable is an adjective, a word that describes a noun. Example: That is a reasonable request.

What is an adjective from the word reason?


What part of speech is the word reasonable?


What is the noun for reasonable?

The noun forms for the adjective reasonable are reasonability and reasonableness. The word reason is also a noun.

Is affordable an adjective?

Yes, it is a derivative adjective from the verb "to afford."It means "able to be afforded" (inferring sold at a reasonable price).

What does sensible mean?

It is a adjective meaning someone or something is showing sense, or being reasonable.

What is the adjective for explanation?

The verb "to explain" has adjective forms explained, explaining, and explanatory.

Is reasonable an adverb?

No, it isn't . Reasonable is an adjective, because it is a descriptive word that relates to a noun.e.g. The price seemed reasonable. He was a reasonable man.Reasonably, however, is an adverb with much the same meaning.e.g. We were reasonably sure that we would arrive on time. (a reasonable assumption)Adverbs describe verbs, whereas adjectives describe nouns.

What is the adjective form of 'reason'?

The adjective forms for reason (a noun and a verb) are: reasonable, the present participle, reasoning, and the past participle of the verb, reasoned.That would be a reasonable solution.A reasoning person would not believe your premise.The reasoned decision of the court will finally resolve the dispute.

Is today an adjective?

Today is either an adverb or a noun, but not an adjective. Examples:I'll finish the job today. (Adverb)We spoke to them today. (Adverb)Today is a fine day. (Noun)The prices of today are reasonable. (Noun)

What is a good adjective for r?

· radiant · rational · ravishing · reasonable · reliable · remarkable · respectful · responsible · righteous · romantic

How do you spell resnible?

This may be-- the adjective reasonable (fair, equitable)-- the verb "resemble" (to look like)-- the adjective "responsible" (in charge of, or acting)A similar longer word is "reprehensible" (morally wrong).

Is sound an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. But the adjective "sound" (sturdy, reasonable) can have the adverb form "soundly" (often used with the verb sleep).

What are the words that describe a healthy lifestyle?

The word 'healthy' is an adjective used to describe the noun 'lifestyle'.Examples of adjective that can describe the noun phrase 'healthy lifestyle' are:dailyeasymoreordinarypossibletruepracticalreasonable

What is the Hebrew word for sporting?

Sporting (adjective)ספּוֹרטִיבִי (sportívi) sporting, sporty, sportsmanlikeהוֹגֶן (hogén) fair, decent, straight, upright, reasonable, sporting

What is the legal use and meaning of the word reasonable?

REASONABLE - Conformable or agreeable to reason; just; rational.(from: word "reasonable" is an adjective and not a noun, therefore tricky to define with any specificity. It is used when applicable to some other word with which it is used to amplify and add meaning to.See below link for a discussion of its use:

What is the adjective form of sense?

There are many answers to this question. The main answer would be sensible.The others could belevelheadedrationalsanereasonableshrewdwiseprudentsagacious

Is justifiable a noun a verb or an adverb?

The word justifiable is an adjective, not a verb, noun, or adverb.The adjective justifiable describes a noun as able to be shown to be right or reasonable; having sufficient grounds for justification; possible to justify. Example:We can't penalize a student if they have a justifiable explanation.

Is reasons an adjective?

No, it is either a verb form or a plural noun. It is the third person singular, present tense conjugation of the verb to reason. Related adjectives include reasoned and reasonable.

What is the comparative and superlative form of reasonable?

more reasonable, as reasonable as...; less reasonable; very/extremely reasonable, the most reasonable. [the first 3 forms are the Comparative; the 2 last ones - the Superlative].

What is the definition of Reasonable judgment?

reasonable judgment

i need reasonable price?

how reasonable is the rent

What is prudential guidance?

The adjective prudential is a form of the word prudent, which means careful, discreet, cautious, wise or reasonable. Prudential guidance would be guidance given in a careful, discreet, cautious, wise, or reasonable manner. An example sentence:The supervisors on give prudential guidanceto prevent newcomers to the site from abusing the privileges.