Is reasonable an adjective

Updated: 9/16/2023
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No, it is either a verb form or a plural noun. It is the third person singular, present tense conjugation of the verb to reason. Related adjectives include reasoned and reasonable.

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Q: Is reasonable an adjective
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What is an adjective from the word reason?

One adjective from the word "reason" is "reasonable."

What is the adjective for explanation?

The verb "to explain" has adjective forms explained, explaining, and explanatory.

Is afford an adjective?

It is a verb when used with an object. As in - the town can afford to repair the street. As an adjective, affordable

What is the adjective form of 'reason'?

The adjective forms for reason (a noun and a verb) are: reasonable, the present participle, reasoning, and the past participle of the verb, reasoned.That would be a reasonable solution.A reasoning person would not believe your premise.The reasoned decision of the court will finally resolve the dispute.

What does sensible mean?

It is a adjective meaning someone or something is showing sense, or being reasonable.

What part of speech is the word reasonable?

it is either a verb or a noun depends what type of reason you are looking for

What is a good adjective for r?

· radiant · rational · ravishing · reasonable · reliable · remarkable · respectful · responsible · righteous · romantic

What is a verb that means to make logical?

Logicise (see related link below)

Is sound an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. But the adjective "sound" (sturdy, reasonable) can have the adverb form "soundly" (often used with the verb sleep).

What is the noun of reasonable?

The noun 'reason' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or belief; the power of the mind to think, understand; a word for a concept. The word 'reason' is also a verb: reason, reasons, reasoning, reasoned.

What part of speech is reasonable?

Either a noun or a verb. As a noun, it is of the abstract type, and as a verb it means to exercise the action corresponding to the abstract noun.

Is today an adjective?

Today is either an adverb or a noun, but not an adjective. Examples:I'll finish the job today. (Adverb)We spoke to them today. (Adverb)Today is a fine day. (Noun)The prices of today are reasonable. (Noun)