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Actually, red hair is an "incomplete dominant".

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Q: Is red hair dominant or recessive?
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Is brown hair or red hair the dominant gene?

Brown hair is the dominant one. Red hair is genetic. (and very recessive)

Is hair on fingers dominant or recessive?


Is blonde hair recessive or dominant?


Is your hair color a dominant or recessive?


Is the straight hair dominant?

No, it is recessive.

Is black or orange hair the dominant gene?

Black. Red hair is a recessive gene, unless both parents have it.

Is red hair a ressesive gene?

no if you have red hair then it is a dominant gene because you can see it. If you do not have red hair then you could have a recessive gene (same as anyone else :P)

What are dominant and recessive traits of the Irish people?

Only approximately 10 percent of the Irish are redheaded and red hair is a recessive trait.

Curly hair a dominant trait or a recessive trait?

its Dominant.

Is mid-digital hair a recessive or dominant gene?


How rare is it to have red hair and blue eyes?

Not very, most red heads have light colored eyes; blue, green or grey. Red hair and darker eyes are more uncommon because of the combination of a recessive and dominant gene, red hair (recessive) and brown eyes (dominant). The same is said for red-heads who have red/brown eyes.

My partner has dark hair Myself and my mother have dark hair my brother has light red hair and so did my dad now white What are the chances of me having a red haired baby Thank you?

Dark hair is the dominant gene over red hair. Your mom obviously had one recessive allele for red hair and the dominant allele for dark hair so she showed up with dark hair. Your father would have to have had two recessive genes for red hair which means you have one dominant and one recessive allele. If your partner carries the recessive allele for red hair, (it didn't show up,) there is a 25% chance that your child will have red hair and a 75% chance that your child will have dark hair. If your partner has two dominant alleles for dark hair your child will have dark hair. If your partner has the recessive allele for another color like blond, there is a 75% chance for dark hair and a 25% chance for a mix of red and the other color. (Maybe strawberry blond.)

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