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Is ronaldinho best than cronaldo?


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No, Ronaldo is better than Ronaldinho.


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No way, c.ronaldo is better than ronaldinho, if you think ronaldinho is better you are a idiot.

Ronaldinho has accomplished more thus making him c.ronaldo is a showoff

Currently C.Ronaldo is better than Ronaldinho. But when Ronaldinho was at his best, he was better than Ronaldo.


The better at skills out of ronaldinho or c.ronaldo is hard but ronaldinho has really good skills and he help his team but i would say ronaldinho because he can deek alot of people and ronaldo has better skills and sick tricks.

In his hay day he probably was, he still has a good bit of magic. They are both excellent free kick takers.

Ofcourse Zidane is, was and will always be better than not only Ronaldinho but Pele and Maradona as well. He is the best thing to ever happen to football.

Ronaldinho is still the best player in Brazil though Kaka comes close. Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal is the best player in the world.

Henry and ronaldinho and messi and Cristiano ronaldo are the best

ronaldinho 2.would be kaka best ronaldinho has the moves and kaka has the speed.

yes RONALDINHO is and always will be better than messi. RONALDINHO 4 LIFE!

c.ronaldo is better than messi

Cristiano Ronaldo is far better than Ronaldinho.

no ronaldinho gaucho is actually a Brazilian and an he was once said that he was the best player in the world.

ronaldinho is having more cups than messi

Messi is 9999999999x better than sucknaldo

by practicing hard work and ronaldinho is only one and no one can become like him he is the best

ronaldinho is diffently better than Wayne Rooney. Rooney has big ears and ronaldinho is a better footballer! Rooney is good but not as good as ronaldinhho

Not even by 100000 metres ronaldinho is the best oif the best not even messi or ronaldo can face his skills

no he is not, Luis Fabiano is 2010

to become a best soccer player

ronaldinho is from brasil even if he doesent play for brasil no more now that he retired but he still plays for flamengo football club ronaldinho was like if he had magic in his feet he was one of the best soccer players in history

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