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Is root pi is a surd?

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Technically it is, as pi can be considered as a rational number, if left as pi, and not 3.145...

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Why pi is not a surd?

A surd is the square root of an integer (whole number), e.g. square root of 2 is a surd. Pi is not the square root of an integer so not a surd, just an irrational number

Is square root of pi a surd?

Yes. A surd is any irrational number that can be expressed as the root of another number. As pi is a number, although it is a transcendental and hence irrational, the square root of pi is still an irrational number that can be expressed as the square root of another number.

What is a square root of surd?

If the value of the surd is positive, then it will be another surd. Otherwise it will be a complex number.

Cube root of 7 is a surd but is cube root of negative seven a surd?

I am pretty sure that the cube root of negative seven is a surd. I checked on the calculator.......and it showed a negative number.....??I think when it is not a surd...it's supposed to say error, so the number probably means that it is a surd..

What is square root 78 then squared in surd form?

[square root (78)] squared = 78. There is not a surd from for an integer.

Is root 2 a surd?

Yes the square root of 2 is a surd which is an irrational number that can't be expressed as a fraction.

How do you simplify a surd in the form A square root B?

A surd in the form a√b cannot, in general, be simplified.

Is 5th root of 243 a surd?

No because the 5th root of 243 is 3

What does surd mean in maths?

A surd is an irrational number that can't be expressed as a fraction as for example the square root of 2

What is the square root of 82 with radicals?

The square root of 82 cannot be reduced as a surd.

What is an infinite surd?

Infinite surd is a term used in mathematics. The definition of an infinite surd is a never ending irrational number with an exact value that would be left in square root form.

Can the square root of 30 be simplified?

Not as a simplified surd, if that is what you mean.

Can you give one example for surd which is not irrational?

It is impossible to have a surd that is not irrational. Surds are defined to be an irrational number (square root of a number).

What is the simplified exression of the square root of 28?

Expressed as a surd, the square root of 28 is equal to 2 root 7.

What is a surd?

When we can't simplify a number to remove a square root (or cube root etc) then it is a surd. Example: √2 (square root of 2) can't be simplified further so it is a surd."Surd" used to be another name for "Irrational", but it is now used for a root that is irrational.Around 820 AD al-Khwarizmi (the guy whom we get the name "Algorithm" from) called irrational numbers "'inaudible" ... this was later translated to the Latin surdus ("deaf" or "mute")

What is the mathematical definition of surd?

An irrational number such as the square root of 2

What is 27 in surd form?

Surds are irrational numbers and 27 is a rational number but if you mean the square root of 27 then it is an irrational number and expressed as a surd it is 3 times square root of 3.

What is the best classification for the square root of eight?

The square root of eight is an irrational real number.

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