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Q: Is rvdu approved by ugc or aicte?
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Is jrn rvu approved by aicte?

No. JRN RVDU Is not approved by AICTE, But it is approved by UGC.

Is it approved by AICTE or UGC?

Is iibm approved by ugc and aicte

Is CGC gharuanr is UGC or AICTE approved?

yes cgc is approved byn ugc & aicte

Is iipm MBA approved by ugc or aicte?

no it is not proved by ugc or aicte

Is cmj university approved by ugc or aicte?

It is approved by UGC.

Is satyabama aicte approved?

no but approved by ugc

Is Commercial University Ltd university UGC approved?

UGC and AICTE approved or not

Is nsou recognised by ugc or aicte?

ya its approved by ugc

Is ignou btme course is approved by aicte?

No . it is not approved by AICTE . It approved under UGC SEC 13

Is it recognised and approved by AICTE and UGC?

shiv shankar inst. & trch, Punjab approved by aicte?

Is dav university near sarmastput is aicte and ugc approved or not?

is dav university is aPPROVED BY UGC OR NOT

What is difference between AICTE approved college and UGC approved college?

AICTE approval is specific for the college, course or Institute but UGC approval is for Universities. Colleges offering UGC approved courses doesn't require additional compliance except the university approval but AICTE approved colleges needs to satisfy certain criterion to please AICTE.