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that is fine, check for rubbing under wheel well.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-13 03:44:53
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Q: Is safe to use a 235/75R15 tires in a ranger 2wd?
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What was the stock tire size on 1993 Ranger XL 2wd?

Stock Tires 195/70-14

How do you change the ball joints in a Ford Ranger?

1998 2wd What year? 2WD or 4WD? 2WD 1996

How do you change upper and lower ball joints on a 1992 ford ranger super cab 2wd?

how do i change a lower ball joint on a 1992 ranger 2wd

Is a 1987 ford ranger 4 speed with over drive is it 4wd or 2wd?

A 1987 4-speed ford ranger with over drive is a 4wd and not 2wd.

How much does a 2wd 1985 ford ranger single cab weigh?

about 2600 to about 3200 pounds

Does a 1994 ford ranger have struts on the front?

are there struts or shocks on the front of a 1994 ford ranger 2wd

Are 2wd and 4wd front brake rotors interchangeable on 1997 ranger 4L V6 XLT?

are 2wd and 4wd front brake rotors interchangeable on 1997 ranger 4L V6 XLT

Would 33'' tires fit on a 2002 GMC sierra with a leveling kit?

4wd or 2wd? If 4wd yes but if 2wd no!

96 ford ranger extra cab v6 2wd tire size?

Open the drivers door , on the end of the door should be an information sticker that shows the original size tires that were on the vehicle from the factory

How do you replace a u- joint on a Ford Ranger?

how to replace u-joints on 1995 ford ranger 2wd

Will 225 60R15 tires fit on a 1979 Chevy Pickup 2WD?


1993 ford ranger manual 2wd mercon or sae80?

you can use mercon...

Where is the speed sensor on a 99 Ranger 2.5 liter 2wd auto trans?

The speed sensor on a 99 Ranger 2.5 liter 2WD with an automatic transmission is in the rear differential. It is included with the ABS sensor in one unit.

What are the biggest tires you can get on your 2002 gmc 1500 sierra 2wd sle?

18-inch tires are the tires offered for the 2002 GMC 1500. 20-inch tires will fit on the pickup truck. Larger tires will require a liftÊkit.

Size of gas tank on a 1988 Ford Ranger XLT 2WD?

17 gallons

What is the biggest size tire you can put on 2003 ranger 2wd without doing modifications other than trimming plastic?

no bigger than a 235/75r15...if it was a 4 wheel drive you could go 31 inch tires with no mods...

Will 33 inch tires fit on a 2003 GMC sierra 2wd?

not without a leveling kit

Can a lifted 2wd truck get through snow?

Sure, it depends on the driver, the tires and how deep the snow is.

Can you put LT23575R15 tires on a 1992 Dodge Ram 150 2WD regular cab truck?


How can you access the front brakes on a 96 Nissan 2wd XE pickup?

take front tires off.

What is the fuel consumption for a ford ranger 4000 v6 supercab cab 2wd?

15liters per 100km

Will a 91 Ford Ranger automatic transmission fit in a 95 Ford Ranger?

Yes if they both have the same engine size and both are either 2wd or both are 4wd.

What are the biggest tires that will fit on a 1994 two wheel drive Ford Ranger?

I have a 1992 Ford Ranger 2WD. I was told that with a two-inch body lift you could barely fit 33's on mine. So Im guessing you might could fit 29's. You also have to keep in my mind that some times will grind on the tire wall.

What engines were available in 1989 ford ranger 2wd?

The 2.3 L - 4 cylinder and the 2.9 L - V6

Will a 1988 FWD bronco 2 transmission fit a 1987 2wd ranger?

no the transmissions are different and it wont work.