Is saline a pure substance

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Saline water is a mixture of sodium chloride and water.

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Q: Is saline a pure substance
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Is saline solution a pure substnace?

Saline solution is not a pure substance, but it is a homogenous mixture. The components of a saline solution are salt and water that are thoroughly blended. An example of a pure substance is just table salt.

Is saline solution a pure substance?

A solution means the mixture of at least two substances solute and solvent so a solution can not be a pure substance.

Is homogeneous a pure substance?

A homogeneous substance is the same throughout. So, a bar of pure gold, a diamond, pure water, saline water (water with salt dissolved in it) and nitrogen gas are all homogeneous, as they consist of the same substance(s) throughout. In other words, they are regular.So, you could say that a homogeneous substance is a puresubstance.

Is pineapple juice a pure substance or a mixture?

It could be either and should say which on the container.

Is flour a pure substance or mixture?

it is a mixture It is a pure substance It is a pure substance

How can boiling point be used to find out if a substance is pure?

At Boiling Point all the material evaporates leaving no residue which means it is pure. But if it leaves some residue after evaporating at boiling point then it is not pure. For example : If you take an example of pure water & Saline Water then pure water will evaporate at its boiling point leaving nothing after it. But Saline water evaporates leaves salt behind it.

Is H2O a pure substance?

YES it is a pure substance

Which is more viscous pure water or saline water?

The saline water is more viscous.

Is pure water pure substance or mixture?

Pure Substance

Is a lemon a pure substance?

it is a pure substance.... not

A pure substance is the what throughout?

A pure substance is the same throughout. When a substance is 100% something it is pure.

Is iron ore a pure substance or a pure mixture?

pure substance

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