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Q: Is sallie Mae a non-profit company?
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What is the population of Sallie Mae?

Sallie Mae's population is 2,010.

When was Sallie Mae created?

Sallie Mae was created in 1972.

How does Sallie Mae differ from Fannie Mae?

Sallie Mae is in the business of student loans while Fannie Mae is in the business of home loans.

What does sallie Mae offer for students?

Sallie Mae offers insurance plans, student loans, and up to 529 other offers. Also, Sallie Mae include a banking system, in which students can create accounts, and then save or spend money. The company also periodically create specials related to the business.

Is Sallie Mae considered a federal loan?

Sallie Mae offers both federal and private loans.

I have a loan with Sallie Mae can you qualify for another loan with Sallie Mae?

Yes, you can have multiple loans from Sallie Mae. You must have adhered to the previous qualifications though, like gpa, payments on time and so on.

Where is sallie Mae's corporate office?

Washington.The founder was sallie Mae Guilford. To find out more go to type in The Untold Story Story Of Sallie Mae Guilford . One book tell the begaining and the other , (2) tell the finding of Sallie Mae Inc . Author Charles Lingo .

What is the percentage Sallie Mae can garnish from SS each month?

Sallie Mae can garnish 63% from SS each month.

What is the origin of Mae in Fannie Mae and Sallie Mae?

Mae is a creative pronunciation for Mortage Association

What is ticker for sallie Mae?


How did Sallie Mae survive the stock market crash of 2008?

Sallie Mae, a student loan association, was able to survive the stock market crash by privatizing their company. By privatizing their company stock holders were not able to get in and grab a share making it safer and more effective in not losing their profits.

Which students are eligible for Sallie Mae loans?

There are a lot of kinds of loans for students who are eligible for Sallie Mae loans. Some types of student loans at Sallie Mae are federal student loans, private loans, education investment planner.