Is salt solution a pure substance?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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A salt solution is a homogeneous (uniform) mixture of salt and water, and is not a pure substance.

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Q: Is salt solution a pure substance?
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Salt water it is a pure substance or solution?

Salt water is a solution.

Is water a saltwater solution?

No. Pure water is a compound, which is a pure substance. A saltwater solution is a mixture of water and salt, and is not a pure substance.

Is saline solution a pure substnace?

A saline solution is a homogeneous mixture because its appearance and composition are uniform throughout the solution. A substance is salt. A saline solution is a combination of the two substances water and salt. However, in the salt-water solution, the salt is completely dissolved in the water.

Is salt water a pure substance or a solution?

Pure NaCl, common salt, is a chemical compound and "one pure substance". (Table salt often has small amount of an iodide salt added for health reasons, and some anti-caking agent to make it flow better)

Is seawater a pure substance or a mixture?

Seawater is a mixture. It is a combination of salt and water that is a homogeneous mixture. An example of a pure substance is either pure salt or pure sugar.

Is salt water a pure substance and why?

no , its a mixture. salt is a pure substance, as is water, but togher they are a mixture.....

Why is salt a pure substance whereas salt solution is considered to be a mixture?

such mixture that have the same uniform composition throughout are called homogeneous mixture

Is common salt crystal a pure substance?

salt crystal is a pure substance hope this helps xx

Is common salt are pure substance?

Common salt is a compound (NaCl), not a mixture and is a pure substance (after refining).

Is saltwater a substance?

no Its a solution. If you mix salt in water, the salt dissolves. It is then a solution. That is not a mixture. It may well be a pure substance. If it is pure salt water it is pure. But if you add some soap it is then pure soapy salt water. What does pure mean? Pure is not a scientific term, so its meaning is debatable. Pure orange juice for instance, has no real meaning as orange juice contains many different things, so how is it pure? In fact if by the previous persons definition of pure, [wood is not but glass is] is incorrect as glass is a compound of several things as is wood. Pure water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. So is that pure ,or not?

Is salt a solution a mixture or a pure substance?

It is a mixture of a salt compound (e.g. NaCl, NaCO2, LiCl, LiCO3, etc.) and water (or another fluid).

Is salt mixture or pure substance?

pure substance...since it is NaCl...a compound..