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Yes. Salt water is a homogeneous mixture.

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Salt water is a homogenous mixture

Salt water is a homogeneous mixture (solution).

Salt water is a homogenous mixture, because the parts can be seperated.

No, its not a homogenous mixture as sugar and sugar are not distributed uniformly. However, sugar in water and salt in water is a homogenous mixture.

A mixture of salt and water, if stirred until the salt is completely dissolved, is a homogenous mixture.

it is an homogenous mixture....maybe(:

The mixture of water and salt is a homogeneous mixture. This is an example using the phrase homogeneous mixture.

No, Salt water is a homogenous mixture, as long as it is not over saturation point. Water dissolves salt, therefore the solution is able to be even concentration throughout.

Mixing salt and sugar is not a solution. It is a mixture(heterogenous in nature). But mixture of either of them in water is a solution as it is homogenous.

Saline is a homogenous solution of salt in water.

Common salt is a compound (NaCl), not a mixture.

Brine is usually understood to be common salt in water. However, there are also other salt solutions that would also be classified as a brine. It is a solution and thus also a homogenous mixture.

Mixture. It can be easily separated (easier than separating a compound, that's for sure) and salt water is often called a solution, and a solution is a homogenous mixture by definition.

In a homogenous mixture, the different components are not readily discernible. In a heterogeneous mixture, they can be seen and sometime separate of their own accord. For example, oil and water is heterogeneous, while salt and water are homogenous.

It's a compound. H2O - Two hydrogen atoms, one oxygen atom Water is a compound as it can be reduced to simpler elements (Oxygen and water).It is a homogenous mixture("the same") as it is uniform throughout. E.g: Salt and sand mixed together would be a heterogenous mixture("different") as you can distinguish between sand and salt. A pure 'mixture' is usually homogenous, especially liquids.

salt water is homogenous .. i.e. we can say that salt is homogenous.

Salt water is a homogeneous mixture. Salt, however, is a compound. It has its own properties different from the original elements that created it. It was chemically combined and can only be separated by those means.

a heterogenous mixture is a mixture with different composition throughout the whole thing. a homogenous mixture is one that's patterns are consistant. for example salt water would be homogenous but an oreo milkshake would be heterogenous. its hard to explain but that's the best i can do.

it is a Homogenous mixture

No it is a heterogenous mixture.

Sodium chloride (table salt) is a compound - NaCl.

I don't know what homogenous means

A homogenous mixture is the same throughout and is called a solution. An example of a homogeneous mixture is salt water. A heterogeneous mixture is not the same throughout. An example is beef stew.

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