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Q: Is sarawale comes under 96 kuli maratha sirnames?
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Maratha comes under obc in karnataka?

iam praveen comes in maratha 3b karnatakaWhich is come under OBC list.

Is Sonawane from Ambedkars caste?

no they are not belongs to sc/st cast , they comes under 96K maratha

Who are gorde and they come under which caste?

96 k maratha

Is Thombre surname 96 kuli marathas?

Yes, Thombare surnames are comes under 96 Kuli Kokanastha Maratha

What caste are surname sawant?

Sawant came under cast maratha

Does surname jare belong to marathi?

No, the surname "Jare" does not belong to Marathi. It is not a common Marathi surname.

Which maratha ruler ceded orissa to east India company?

The Maratha ruler who ceded Orissa to the East India Company was Raghunathrao. He signed the Treaty of Salbai in 1782, which placed Orissa under the control of the British.

Kharat surname comes under which sub cast in Hindu?

Kharat surname is belongs to different castes in maharastra. the major castes are , 96K maratha , Kunbi, Mali, Dhangar and mahar.

Is pagar surname is 96kuli maratha?

Pagar surname comes under Gavali clan. The first Yadav Gavli association was founded in 1903 and in the early 1920s it petitioned the South borough Committee to recognize the caste as Maratha- Kshatriya. In support of their claim, the Yadav Gavli cited their legendary descent from Krishna, a history of Yadav kings in North India, Gujarat, and the Deccan, their Kshatriya practices, and their frequent service in the British military, to include the Maratha regiments. Mother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj- Jijabai was also from Yadava clan. So they are Kshatriyas by birth.

Can gaikwad belongs to schedule caste community?

No. Gaikwads are Maratha warrior community. They were kings and warriors under Shivaji Bhonsle .

Can you please tell me the surname parab is of which caste in Hinduism in maharastra konkan?

Parab usually fall under maratha cast ....which is considered medium class

Is pitampura comes under north delhi?

No it comes under north west zone