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Q: Is science really helpful to mankind?
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How are resources useful to man?

renewable resources are helpful to mankind because we can reuse it but we have to use it wisley that is why it is helpful to mankind

How is science and technology helpful to us?

it depeds on you how science is helpful

What is the most helpful element to mankind?


How is science helpful?

science is helpful because it tells about every thing there is earth science,world science,andnature science.

How can science be a bane to mankind?

Science & Technology bane the world

What is science and its importance to mankind?


How has science helped mankind?

Making medicine

What is critical opinion on science and mankind?

Toby is that you????

Is science a bane to mankind?

No, but its imprudent misuse can be.

How has science benefited humans beings and up to what extent has science harmed mankind?

sciece has innovate mankind,by helping in connecting people from all over the world and by saving time and costs. science has harmed mankind by making abuse of nuclear in destroying humanity

Who is the author of the Bible quran and science?

The Bible is God; the Koran is Muhammed; and Science is mankind.

Is Jurassic Park science fiction?

Jurassic Park is science fiction. It is about genetic cloning and how science can turn on mankind.