Is scoria intrusive?

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no, extrusive because it is made by lava not magma.

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Is Scoria intrusive or extrusive?

Scoria is an extrusive ingeous rock.

Is scoria an intrusive or extrusive rock?

Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock with a vesicular texture.

What is A coarse grained intrusive igneous rock that makes shield volcanoes?


Is scoria nutritious?

No. Scoria is rock. It is inedible.

Are basaltic scoria and scoria the same thing?

Not necessarily. Most scoria is basaltic, but some can be andesitic.

Is scoria metamorphic?

No. Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock.

Can scoria hold fossils?

No. Scoria is a volcanic rock.

Where is scoria rock found?

Scoria is found on and near volcanoes. Cinder cone volcanoes are largely composed of scoria.

Is scoria a sedimentary rock?

No. Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock.

Is scoria mafic?

Yes. Scoria is a variety of vesicular basalt.

What color is scoria?

Scoria is usually balck to dark red.

What type of rock is scoria?

Scoria is an extrusive igneous rock.

Is scoria coarse or fine grained?

Scoria is fine-grained

Is scoria rich in silica?

No. Scoria is relatively silica poor.

What happens if wet a scoria rock?

Scoria is also known as Clinker... scoria (clinker) has fractures that allow water to infiltrate

What is the color of scoria?

Scoria is usually reddish in color but may be black.

Will scoria float or sink in water?

scoria will sink but pumice will float.

What is the hardness of scoria on the mohs scale?

Yes, scoria is basically Basalt.

What is the density of scoria?

Most scoria has a specific gravity greater than 1.

What does scoria look like?

scoria looks like a reddish rock with holes in it.

Why is scoria red?

Scoria is red due to the oxidation of iron-containing minerals.

When was Elvis Scoria born?

Elvis Scoria was born on 1971-07-05.

How is scoria created?

Scoria is a frothy form of lava ejected from a volcano as individual pieces.

What are the properties of scoria rock?

Scoria is a highly vesicular (porous), dark colored volcanic rock.

What is scoria made of?

Scoria often forms as a frothy crust on lava flows that crumbles off as the flow moves. Scoria usually has broken, connected bubbles and does not flow on water.