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MOst people think so, but no one knows for sure.

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Q: Is scrap metal pricing going to increase?
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What is the current price of scrap metals?

9 cents a pound for steel 50¢ per pound of aluminum $3 per pound for copper. Scrap metal prices have many factors that are considered in pricing. When you ask for scrap metal pricing you need to know: Comex pricing LME pricing Type of scrap metal you have - ferrous (iron, steel, HMS) or non ferrous (copper, aluminum, zinc, brass, etc.) Always carry a magnet to do a quick test on your scrap metal, and make sure you clean and separate your scrap metal. Once you have all of this info then check online pricing and call your local recycling yard. Compare pricing and go with scrap yard that pays highest price and is reputable.

What websites should you check for current scrap copper pricing?

Here are some websites to try for current scrap metal

How much does it cost to purchase metal sludge?

The price to purchase waste metal and by products varies depending on several factors. The type of metal, location and demand all play key factors in determining pricing. Check with local scrap metal dealers or scrap metal recycling companies for local pricing.

Who will give you daily scrap metal recycling prices?

I collect scrap metals and bring to scrap recycling yards. How can I be sure I'm getting the best price for my efforts? Where do you find the current prices that tha scrap yards are getting for their scrap? There are many pay for and free sources of current scrap metal prices. Most scrap metal prices are based upon Comex and LME pricing less a percentage. If you call the scrap yard or recycling yard, ask them for their current prices and they will gladly provide. Just know what type of scrap metal you have so they can give you the prper pricing.

What are the current aluminum scrap metal pricing for grand junction Colorado?

Very good if its legal

Can you scrap radiators for cash?

Yes. Look for a metal recycling center or look up scrap metal in the phone book.. Depending on your location in the world, pricing varies. In the U.S. you can get upwards of $1.30 per lb for radiators. To see current pricing of scrap radiator and auto parts go to

What is the price per pound of scrap copper in Missoula Montana?

pricing varies on a daily basis. go to for current scrap metal prices

Who pays $100 dollars for a gallon of pop tops?

You can contact City Scrap Metal LLC for pricing information at 800-447-1870.

What is the rate of increase in the price of scrap copper?

Scrap copper has dramatically seen a decrease in pricing along with other commodities. It is up over its historical lows, but again it is way off its historical high. So there has been no near term rate increase.

Scrap metal prices in California USA?

Scrap metal prices are dependent upon basic economics as well as the major metal exchanges and market that include the London Metal Exchange, Comex, Shanghai China, etc. Prices for ferrous scrap (iron, HMS, Steel) s typically in dollars per ton whereas non-ferrous scrap metal (copper, aluminum, brass, etc.) is by the pound. Ferrous prices fluctuate much less then non-ferrous scrap metal prices. Best method to check prices is via internet website posting pricing or call your local dealer and ask what the prices for your specific scrap metal is for that day.

What are scrap metal selling for a pound?

There are many types of scrap metals. There are ferrous scrap metals and there are non ferrous scrap metals as well as precious metal scrap and exotic metal scrap. Each type of scrap metal sells for a different price per pound. Also depending on the grade of the scrap metal (prepared, unprepared, stripped, etc.) and your location in the world, the price of scrap metal will vary. Supply and demand also dictates the price of scrap.

When was Scrap Metal - band - created?

Scrap Metal - band - was created in 1983.