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no. in order for a chemical change to take place the chemical make up of the paint would need to change, such as a color change. when you peel paint off a door you arent changing its chemical state.

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Q: Is scraping paint of a door a chemical change?
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Is painting a door a physical or chemical change?

Physical change of the paint, not the door.

How do you remove oil base paint from wood door?

Take the door outside and use a chemical stripper.

Is painting a door a chemical change?


Why is painting a door a physical change?

Because during painting the chemical structure of the dyes (the chemical formula of the molecule) remain generally unchanged.

How do you remove paint from galvanised garage door?

heat gun,or paint remover...the first is chemical free

Is painting a door a physical change?

Painting a door is a physical change because the appearance of the door was changed. It is not a chemical change because it didn't chance its composition. After painting the door it still remained a door, just a different color.

How do you paint a wooden door?

Well you get your brush you dip it in the paint and then you stroke up and down with the brush on the door!

What is the best way to paint over my original wooden doors and get the best result?

you first take off the nails and the hindges that hangs your door by the wall.. then you get big brushes and the colour of the paint that you want to change the door into...then you paint. After that, keep it dry for about an hour, put the liquid for coating (lamination) on, and they you dry it. then it's done!

Is a fridge door going rusty a chemical or physical change?

The formation of rust is a chemical change because the steel (iron) in the door has reacted with oxygen in the air to form a new substance called rust, which has properties different from the iron and the oxygen that reacted.

What kind of change takes place when a car door develops rust?

The oxidation of the iron in a car door into iron oxide is a chemical change. The reaction equation is 4 Fe + 3 O2 = 2 Fe2O3

How do you sand Stian paint and paint the door a sami gloss paint?

Go over the door lightly with 100 grit sandpaper. Apply a coat of interior/exterior primer. Then you can apply any paint you desire.

How do you remove paint splatter on an unfinished steel door?

Use thinner for that paint.