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no, sea water is a mix of H2O, sand, salt and others.

H2O (water) isn't a metal and salt isn't either


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Mercury is a heavy metal, it will sink in sea water.

The most awaited metal that can be removed from the sea water is sodium and chlorine and as followed be other metals such as Mg, etc.

Because sea water contain the ion chloride (Cl-) the effect is corrosive.

The metal Sodium, as sea water contains salt which is NaCl (Sodium chloride).

yes and no. the water holds oxygen which rusts metal while the salt just makes the process faster

Think this through. What is the difference between sea water and freshwater? Salt. What does salt do? Rust or create buildups on metal. What types of metal? Several types including iron and steel.

the cells expand - water/moisture - salty sea water - speeds up - household detergents - oxygen - high tempertature There are NO cells in any metal whatsoever. Sea water is called sea water because it is salty, and high temperatures don't help at all. What kind of a moron thinks this? Go back to physical science!

put the metal on the floor bend it (curved) put sea water in it let the sun reflect on it (t will make the water drinkable) and do this when your thirsty

To withstand high water pressure when they are submerged at sea.

Get a sheet of clean, cool, metal. Hang it out in the evening near the sea. Catch the fresh water that collects on it.

metal + water = metal hydroxide + hydrogen For example: Sodium + Water = Sodium Hydroxide + hydrogen

Is sea water an mixture Is sea water an mixture Is sea water an mixture

SEA SALT CONTAINS WATER OF CRYSTALISATION BUT APPEARS DRY. Sort of. It has more moisture than table salt which is from a mine while sea salt is a natural product from the ocean. If you have some make sure you store it in something that is not metal because it will react to the metal.

metal oxides do not react with water .Metal reacts with water and it made metal oxides.

By collecting some sea water, pouring into a wide metal or glass tray and heating it until the water evaporates

sea water is a mixture

Uranium is a radioactive metal found in the earths crust, sea water, the sun, and the solar system.

the metal is rusting in the water and it realeases stuff that makes it poisoness for the sea life

Because there is more salt in the air from the sea winds; And we know that the mixture of salt and water makes metal rust.

metal + acid -> salt + water metal + oxygen -> metal oxide metal oxide + acid -> salt + water metal + water -> metal hydroxide + hydrogen Metal + Steam -> Metal Oxide + Hydrogen Metal + Acid -> Metal salt + Hydrogen

A metal is normally viewed as cations in a sea of delocalised electrons. It is the metal atoms which donate their valence electrons to the sea of delocalised electrons.

Sodium metal refers to atomic conditions. Being highly reactive, it can be found only as irons in salts. Sea water is a rich source of sodium ions.

The metal that burns in water is sodium.

yes metal sink in water

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