Is selenium man made?

Selenium is a naturally occurring element. It is rarely found in nature as a pure element. It can be found in metal ores such as:

Berzelianite (Copper Selenide)

Clausthalite (Lead Selenide)

Eucairite (Silver Copper Selenide)

Hakite (Copper Mercury Silver Antimony Selenium Sulfide)

Klockmannite (Copper Selenide)

Palladseite (Palladium Selenide)

Penroseite (Nickel Selenide)

Selen-tellurium (Selenium Tellurium)

Tiemannite (Mercury Selenide)

Umangite (Copper Selenide

Pure selenium is usually produced as a by-product of refining copper sulfide for copper, where it is an impurity.