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Only in the fan fiction. It would be totally creepy if he did love her(love love).

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Who does sesshomaru-Sama love?


When does sesshomaru fall in love with rin?

Sesshomaru doesnt fall in love with rin, she is like an adopted lil sister to him, he protects her like a big brother to his lil sister

Who likes rin?

Well, im not sure what your asking.... In the anime, Sesshomaru likes Rin, but they never fall in love, Sesshomaru treats her more like a daughter or a family member.

What episode does sesshomaru save rin from kohaku?

Sesshomaru saves Rin in Inuyasha episode 81

When does sesshomaru meet rin?

Sesshomaru meets Rin in the episode "The True Owner of the Great Sword." Rin finds Sesshomaru recovering in the woods, after he was almost killed by the Wind Scar.

Will rin kiss sesshomaru?

they never kissed besides they dont love eachother

Does sesshomaru ever get with rin on inuyasha?

sesshomaru will alway's be with rin in the anime but not in manga because the last issue rin went to kikyo sister

Does sesshomaru fall in love with another character?

he's not in love but he does protects rin and loves her like a daughter

Does rin grow up and fall in love with sesshomaru?

In the manga, rin stays a little girl in the end of the series. Rin only likes him as a father anyway.

Did Sesshomaru name Rin?

No he didn't name her. Before Sesshomaru found Rin, she had a family, but they were killed by a band of thieves. When Sesshomaru found her, she was dead, but he brought her back to life :)

Does lord sesshomaru hurt rin?

Lord Sesshomaru never shows his feeling towards Rin, but he would never hurt Rin because he cares for her to much.

How does Sesshomaru feel about Rin?

Sesshomaru has a father and daughter relationship with Rin. He shows many times in the anime that he cares about her safety.

Is sesshomaru and rin in inuyasha secret of the divine jewel ds game?

yes sesshomaru and rin will be in the new moon cave

Why did sesshomaru ressurect rin?

because rin was so kind to sesshomaru when he was down and i guess he grew caring feelings for the little girl

Do you think that kagome and sesshomaru should be together?

no because they dont love eachother amd kagome loves inuyasha and sesshomaru loves rin like a daughter

Did sesshomaru love kagura?

who knows...? if he did, he never showed it, if he didn't he did show he never did :P

Which chapters of inuyasha have rin in them?

Where you see Sesshomaru you will most likely find Rin.

Does sesshomaru turn rin into an immortal?

No, in the end of the manga and anime Rin is human.

What are the best episodes with rin and sesshomaru?


What type of relationship does sesshomaru and rin share?

sesshomaru and rin have a father/daughter relationship. he has showed a great deal of times that he cares about her well being.

How many people think sesshomaru loves rin like a lover?

he's not in love with her but he does protects and saves her though

Does sesshomaru love anybody?

Yes I believe Kagura and Rin if you read the manga you definitely see the affection shown there.

In which chapter of the Inuyasha Manga does Sesshomaru first meet Rin?

when Inuyasha first uses the wind scar successfully on Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru is warped by tensaiga to a forest where he meets Rin for the first time.

Can anyone like Rin and Sesshomaru as their favorite characters?

yes people can like Rin and Sesshomaru as favorite characters n Inuyasha! everyone has an opinion:3

Sesshomaru and rin?

they have a father/daughter thing going on. even though Sesshomaru has a dislike for humans he cares deeply for Rin, as he would for his own daughter. (if he had one)