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Is severe rolling lower back pain a sign of labor?

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Yes some women do experience lower Back pain during the onset of labour. Go to hospital hun.

2006-07-04 22:54:10
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Can yeast infection cause lower back pain?

A really severe yeast infection gives me lower back pain.

For a sciatica, what are the main symptoms?

Sciatica can range from a low pain, to a severe pain in the lower back. It can cause it to be painful to move your arms, legs or even just rolling over in bed can cause terrible pains.

Which pressure points cause severe damage?

The pressure points that cause really severe damage are: The neck, between the ribs and the lower back.

What causes Menstrual type cramps and lower back pain during pregnancy?


What could cause a lower abdominal pain that goes to the lower back all the time and severe cramping during periods?

This could be caused by several things. If it is period cramping, it is happening because the uterus is contracting. This is the same thing that happens during labor, although not nearly as strong.

Is it normal to have lower back pain after drinking castor oil to go into labor?

Yes it is normal to get lower back pain, after drinking castor oil to go into labbor.

Do back pain lower right side symptoms include severe pain?

In most of cases - Yes!

Are you getting back pain due to period no period have not come yet?

during period i am having severe pain in lower abdomen and back

Can gas cause severe pain on right side lower back?

If you mean gas in the digestive tract, then yes it can.

What does severe bilateral arthropathy in the lumbar 4 and 5 mean?

Arthropathy simply means arthritis, lumbar is the lower back and bilateral means on both sides. Severe bilateral arthropathy in lumbar four and five means arthritis on both sides of the 4th and 5th vertebrae in the lower back.

If I have severe lower back pain how long should I wait to get an MRI if chiropractic treatment does not help?

If you're having severe back pain you should consider seeing your doctor immediately for x-rays and further testing.

What is causing your dogs severe itching on lower back at tail?

Fleas, try some sulfodene on the area. just a little

What are the dangers of lower back injury?

Some of the many dangers of lower back injuries include pain, limited movement, and even paralyzation. An injury can be a minor sprain while a fractured vertebrae or herniated disc can be severe.

What does it mean to have extreme lower back pain and you can feel something moving around in your back?

I am not a doctor however pain in your lower back while pregnant can mean many things from labor, false labor, the baby pushing on a nerve, etc the best thing to do is see you doctor and if things get worse before you can get to you doctor go to the emergency room

Eyes rolling back in the head?

If someones eyes are rolling into the back of his head and shaking they are having a siezure.

What can cause severe lower back pain?

You need to consult the spine specialist. He will guide you. He may go for MRI of the lumber spine.

What is the reason for bloody stool with constipation with lower back pain with lower abdominal pain and severe bloating?

Colon cancer. You need to get a colonoscopy without delay to see id there is a tumor.

What does it mean when the foreskin keeps pulling back when connected to the head of the penis?

You do not state if it rolling back to the front or the back of the penis it it rolling to the back of the head it i a sign of a to short foreskin if it rolling to the front this is normal and protect the glans of the penis.

What is this pain in your lower back?

The baby could be breach meaning back labor, it could also be the baby putting weight on you, MANY pregnant women will have back pains its the extra weight.

Is it normal to have lower back pain at 9 months pregnant?

Lower back pain with contractions normally signals labor. Call your doctor. Yes. Lower back pain can occur especially with the last trimester of pregnancy due to increase in size of the abdomen, which in turn shifts your center of body weight and gravity. This in turn causes more work for your lower back muscles to control the posture. Usually, lower back pain in pregnancy is mechanical, meaning that if you adjust your position and rest, the pain would subside. If the pain persists upon adjustment of position, consult your GYNE immediately for this may be a sign of labor.

38 weeks pregnant having irregular bad cramp-like pains increased discharge sore back can i be getting ready for labor?

It can be that you are in labor, regular contractions increasing in frequency, severity and interval , pain radiating from up to back and lower abdomen is a sign of true labor.

What kind of doctor do you got to for severe lower back pain?

Either a chiropractor or if you go to your family doctor they can determine if you need to see a specialist.

Why would you have minor cramping and severe lower back pain when 4 weeks pregnant?

You should go to the ER or your doctor ASAP. Cramping in early pregnancy is very normal because everything is stretching out, but it shouldn't be bad cramps and with the severe lower back pain that could mean you are having a miscarriage. Please go to the ER or your doctor ASAP

Where do you get labor pain?

Labor pain is felt in the abdomen ( think "cramps" while menstruating, lasting 30 sec. to 2 minutes, with intervals), as the uterus contracts. One can also have pain in the lower back region. Back labor can indicate that the baby's head has not yet turned into the best position for delivery.

Are heels safe when pregnant?

Yes but be careful not to fall Also, being in high-heels can put additional pressure on the lower back and can lead to severe back pain when used regularly.