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Answer:At 10 masturbating is normal, it starts around that age, but sex with others is a no.
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Q: Is sex apropriate for children under 10?
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Is it safe for children 10 and under?


Are you exempt if you have children under the age of 10?


Can ten year olds have not illeggel sex?

No 10yo are minors and considered children and all sex with a minor is illegal. If they doing it with someone who's also a minor it's not illegal but 10 is way too young to do anything but masturbate. There are plenty of children, both girls and boys, who have been penetrated under the age of ten. Rape is rape.

Is sex dangerous for 10-year-olds?

Sex is dangerous for 10-year-olds because at that age they are not fully developed physically or mentally. Having sex under age is a bad thing that can also get you into trouble with parents and the law.

What does Not suitable for children under 10 mean?

Anyone under 10 years of age should not be permitted to acess it. ie. watch, etc.

How many children have encopresis?

In the United States, encopresis affects 1-2% of children under age 10

Is Truth or dare the movie scary?

it is kinada scary for children under 10

Is Medal of honor inappropriate?

medal of honor is inappropriate for children under 10,Because it is so intense and little kids under 10 don't understand.

What is a good childrens place for kids under 10?

Where a good place for children under 10 is will depend upon their tastes and what they enjoy to do. However, some places which most children seem to enjoy are Disneyland, Legoland and local zoos.

Are there any 3D TV glasses for under 10?

There are no such 3D TV glasses for children under the age of 10. One article says that children under the age of 10 should be advised when watching 3D TV because too much exposure can lead to their eyes not fusing properly because they are still in development.

What is the specific word referring the children under 10 yrears old?


Should schools teach kids about sex education?

Yes, children should be teached sex education at the age of 10. Recommended by professional sex teachers. If they learn this at a learn this later stage, it will become difficult for them in their life. So therefore teach sex at the age of 10. They should also learn how to make semen and parents should guide kids for this. Parents should have sexual activities and children should watch it. Thank you.