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Yes. Sex is fun for both of them...For girls toys are Artificial Hymen, Breast Enlargement Machine...For boys toys are Male Stroker,Penis Enlarger Device

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Its fun for girls and boys.

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Q: Is sex more fun for boys or girls?
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Is sex fun for boys?

Generally speaking, yes, sex is fun for people of both sexes which is why boys, girls, men and woman wish to do it.

Does girls have more interest on sex in compare to boys?


Does girls want more sex or boys?

If boys give it to the girl right girls want it more

Does teenager boys like sexing girls?

they sure do! some get drunk and look for girls to sex with but sexing is fun i sex with my bf !

What are the responsible changes in puberty?

Its different for boys and girls. For boys, don't pressure girls into sex. Girls don't give in to sex. And both should be more mature.

Why do boys want sex more then girls?

Because their perverts

Do girls like sex as much as boys?

they are equal. both girls and boys like to have sex.

What you think of the opposite sex eg girls boys are all?

I think that girls love more than boys and in the long run get hurt more than the boys.

Do girls like sex as much as guys?

Yes. And more their SEX appeal is 6 times higher than boys. So you can say girls wants to have sex much more than boys do.... but guys think about having sex more than a girl

What are the sex hormones for boys and girls?

Testosterone- boys estrogen- girls

Do younger boy have more fun with sex or older boys?

now they dont

Why do boys have penises and not girls?

so you can get it in (have sex to make more people"babies"

Do girls feels more sex appeal then boys?

Yes Because they can get pregnant and have a child off of sex.

How do boys get girls pregnant?

Having sex.

Boy or girl enjoy sex more?

Boys usually enjoy sex thee first time more than girls, but the more you have sex the more you want it!

Who would get the better job girls or boys?

Both girls and boys get good jobs . Girls may be better at some jobs more then boys and boys may be better some jobs more then girls but what sex you are wont effect ur job . OKAY

What do boys like?

girls and sex

Should boys be willing in help girls in learning about boys?

No, there are things that should be unknown and mysterious to the opposite sex. There's no fun without mystery.

Why boys stammer more than girls?

because there body have more testosterone then girls .............that chemical influences men and women to have sex

Why girls to sex boys?

because they like it

Does boys go out with girls for sex?

Indeed we do

Are girls dumper than boys?

girls must have sex with the boys first before dumping

Why do girls like sex more than boys?

That's a stereotype, but girls usually do have way longer orgasms then males

Who has better sex?

As in gender....its pretty obvious, its the girls. But in actual sex, its more likely to be the boys because he is the one who wants it more and is probally more exprienced.

Do girls love boys more than boys do?

no boys love too much during the sex but it doesnt mean that girl dont.girls have the more passence in sex in respect of boys.boys are too much eager at that time.