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Q: Is sikkim manippal university is approved by kerala psc?
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Mca 2nd and 3rd question paper for sikkim manippal university?

yes, it is approved by DEC & UGC.... Srija.

Is kerala psc approved the distant education MCA of the university of sikkim manipal?


Is ime university approved by aicte?

eiilm university sikkim for approved AICTE

Is Sikkim Manipal University is approved by UGC?

Is the distance edunation of Sikkim Manipal University approved or recognised by UGC? yes definitely it is approved by UGC visit

Is sikkim illum university approved by ugc?

I want ask you to illum university is UGC approved

Is Sikkim Manipal University approved by HEC?

The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan has not recognized Sikkim Manipal University. However, the university it approved by the University Grants Commission of India's Department of Higher Education.

Is sikkim manipal university courses are approved by kerala university?

NO. Both are different universities which is required to be approved by UGC. If u are looking for admissions then look for other better options like anna uni, lovely uni, ip uni, pune uni.

Is ellam university of sikkim is DEC approved?

what is the websight address of ellam university

Is Sikkim Illum with UGC?

SMU ILLUM university approved by ugc

Where is the greatest variety of flowers found -sikkim assam uttarakhand hills kerala?


Where can you get the 4th sem question papers of MBA under sikkim manippal university under distend education?

very simple better go to ur Admission Centre ask,defanetly they provide you.

Is sikkim manipal university recognized by acte?

YES SMU approved by AICTE