Is silver the same as platinum?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Silver is a metal, platinum is another.

Silver sells for about $23 per ounce today and platinum for $1600 per ounce.

They look somewhat alike and are both used in jewelry, but that is where the similarity ends.

Water, alcohol and gasoline may all be clear liquids, but that is where the similarities end

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Q: Is silver the same as platinum?
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Which is heavier a cube of platinum or a cube of silver?

A cube of platinum of the same size as a cube of silver will weigh more.

Which one of these is the odd one out - gold silver platinum?

Platinum, because Gold And Silver , together with Copper and in the same Sub- Group of the Periodic Table. This means that Gold , Silver and Copper have the same number of electrons in their outmost energy shell.

Palpad on soul silver?

The same way you get it in Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What are the differences between cube of silver and platinum?

A platinum cube will be worth a lot more than a silver cube of the same size, and the platinum cube will weigh a lot more (more than twice).

Is 980 silver or platinum?

is .980 silver or platinum

What do the elements nickel and platinum have in common?

Platinum is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Pt and an atomic number of 78.

What is fools silver?

Platinum Platinum

Is it worth getting Pokemon Platinum when you already have Diamond or should you wait for Gold and Silver?

You should wait for Gold and Silver to come out Platinum is about the same except for Girtina and you get both Dialgia and Palkia.

Is platinum between silver and white?

Yes. Platinum is between silver and white.

When buying a ring is sterling silver better than platinum silver?

Platinum is NOT silver. Platinum is much harder and many, many times more expensive.

How do you tell the difference between silver and platinum?

silver is well silver but platinum is gery well a little bit

Why is a ring made of platinum denser than the same size ring made of silver?

because it is