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Is smoking marijuana good for you?


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December 02, 2009 5:57AM

Well, this is very relative, as with any personal opinion of this kind. For some, mentally speaking marijuana brings on an uncomfortable state of mind, and for these people I'd say no, it's not good for them. Actually I wouldn't just stop there, but suggest they become more comfortable with the substance as to take advantage of all its medicinal attributes.

Now, for most, cannabis is a bringer of peace of mind, relaxation, inspiration, a greater appreciation for art and life, social connections, a deeper sense of self and existence, anger and depression relief, anxiety control and mental eating disorder ailment, the list can really go on and on.

Physically, marijuana has been proven to help with many illnesses, most monumentally halting the growth of cancer with little to no negative side effects (which can not be said for any other current cancer treatments), alleviate physical eating disorders, greatly help with physical pains and is infinitely safer than alcohol when used as an intoxicant.

Furthermore, physically speaking, there has been no negative effects found to be linked with the intake of marijuana. And like I said, the positives of marijuana can go on and on, it seems as though cannabis has gone and will go hand in hand with human existence.

Legalize it. Tax it. Live.