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Is soccer the popular sport in china or is basketball?

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Baseball is more popular

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soccer because it is the most played sport in the world

Nope. the most popular sport there is basketball

The most popular sport in the world is soccer. The next most popular sports are cricket, basketball, as well as soccer.

Basketball and I think soccer.


the third most popular sport in Iraq after soccer and basketball is kickboxing.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Haiti, and then it's basketball.

Badminton, soccer, basketball and ping pong

Italy's most popular sport, by far is soccer. This is followed by volleyball and basketball.

usually a popular sport at school is soccer , football, basketball, and volleyball

outdoor water sport is the most popular in china ,such as Riding.

No, soccer (the rest of the worlds calls it football) is the world's most popular sport.

No, auto racing is not the most popular sport. The most popular sport in the world is soccer, followed by cricket and basketball.

that is difficult because many others are popular too, but basketball would have to be the most popular presently. then there is soccer and then ping-pong-others like that.

my geuss is either basketball or soccer.

Football (soccer) by far it's the most popular sport, then basketball.Football. The most popular sport in Uruguay is Football.

Both soccer and basketball are very popular among the Lebanese.

Hmmm ..In what Basketball ? Baseball ? Soccer ? Tennis ? GAGO

its probally basketball soccer or vollyball

That is true in a way. In the US basketball is more popular than soccer. That is why basketball players are paid more. In other countries, soccer is more popular so soccer players get paid more. Soccer in the US is becoming increasingly popular. Soon soccer players could be paid as much as basketball players.

Football (soccer) is the most popular sport. Other sports include basketball, volleyball, and cycling.

Football is more popular than soccer and basketball, because you can do anything: catch, hit, kick, push, run, throw, and more.(Football isn't more popular than soccer. Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world :D)

Yes, it is the most popular sport in the US. But I would say that American Football, Baseball and Basketball are very close in popularity in the US. Football (soccer) is the most popular female sport in America, as well.

football is the most popular spector sports in china. basketball is one of the most played sport.