Is social studies an social science the same?


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Yes social studies and social science are the same.

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Social Studies of Science was created in 1971.

Discuss the relationship between social studies and social science

Ya pretty much peepl call them both

Society for Social Studies of Science was created in 1975.

Social science is actually another name for Social studies. So, they are different. The way they are the same, though, is that they are all school subjects. :)

Science teaches people about different environments which is also a part or theme of Social Studies.

in what ways is geography both a science and a social studies

science got its name from social studies

It studies the interactions in groups of humans. And, therefore, is a science. "If it studies any thing science may it be."

Social science is the study of society and human behaviours. The main branches (or disciplines) of social science are: - Anthropology - Archaeology - Area Studies (eg. American Studies, Asian Studies, etc.) - Cultural and Ethnic Studies - Economics - Gender and Sexuality Studies - Geography - Political Science - Psychology - Sociology

social science? it depends on what your talking about. To some it's social studies. If i am sure, i think you mean foresinc science, which is a field of science.

the teachers at my school say social studies helps with study habits

Yes, it is considered a social science because it has the most important characteristic of a social science: it studies the social life of groups and individuals.

geography is the science that studies past events

There aren't six strands of social studies there are 8 strands of social studies and they are: history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science/technology, and social studies skills

Social Studies is the history, geography, and all that stuff learned throughout elementary school. Social Science is the study of how people act around one another.

Nice question. Science is not about social studies, history, math, etc.

The answer is: Science Humaine.

The 8 strands of social studies are culture, economics, social studies skills, citizenship, geography, government, history, and (science, technology and society).

Social Studies is the study of man and their past. Social Science is hard to explain... the Social Sciences are the fields of scientific knowledge and academic scholarship that study social groups and, more generally ,human society.

Geography is about land and science studys land and behaviors of the things living on the land and rocks are science and social studies studys about rocks because they need them for building in geography.

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