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That would depend on where you live. Wind power will create more energy if you live in an area where the wind blows consistantly.

Most wind turbines function poorly, or not at all, below a certain "threshhold" wind speed. Determining what the average wind speed is in your area throughout the year will give you what that "cutoff" speed should be for turbines in your area.

Most solar photovoltaics (PVs) require direct sunlight to produce any appreciable power, although indirect light PV systems are improving a lot (these are the PV cells in solar calculators, for instance). How many days of the year that see little or no cloud cover determines how useful solar would be in your area.

Note, however, that most places tend to be best suited to a combination of both systems. As seasonal conditions for one system become poor, the conditions for the other type tend to improve.


It is my belief that Solar Power is better than Wind Power. Why? Simple. You can add solar panels to existing structures and they don't take up additional space. Plus, the technology to make solar panels keeps improving, bringing down the cost of installation. While not all areas are good for solar energy, there are still many advantages to solar energy and I believe it has a brighter future than Wind Power.

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Q: Is solar power or wind power better?
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How are solar power and wind power different?

solar power comes from the sun and is generated from solar pannals. wind power comes from the wind and is generated from wind mills.

How are solar and wind power different?

solar power comes from the sun and is generated from solar pannals. wind power comes from the wind and is generated from wind mills.

Is solar power plant is better than wind power plant?

Yes, solar power plants are better than wind power plants. The reason is that wind power plants convert wind into electricity, but if there is no wind, wind power plants won't be able to do their job. Solar Power Plants use solar energy from our entire solar system. There is infinite solar energy in the solar system, so solar solar power plants are better. Solar and wind do not produce any real power in terms of our needs. Solar is the worst of the two by a small margin. Typical payback, in terms of energy used to create and maintain a solar panel is longer then the projected life of a panel. Winds worst issue is the needed fossil fuel plants running in the background. This power is completely wasted unless the wind stops or slows below the running speed of the turbine. Wind also stops generating power at speeds above 32 mph. The fossil fuel plant again will make up this loss. The better alternative is hydro then either of these that provide little or no power.

Is there anything better than wind power?

There are some better ones like water and solar power because you will always have them

What is the difference between solar power and wind power?

solar power gets energy from the sun using solar panelsbut wind power uses a wind turbine which catches the wind and spins to create energy/electricity

Why are there so many forms of energy?

Because no one can decide which is better, solar power and wind power all the way!! SOLAR POWER WILL RULE THIS WORLD!! stuff all environment haters!! WIND POWER MAN, TOLD YOU IT WAS THE FREAKIN' ANSWER!!

Why are solar power plants better than coal fired power plants?

because solar power is better for the earth. coal is a fossil fuel so it is getting scarce. wind powered is the best to use.

How is solar power and wind power different?

solar power uses the sun's light for energy and wind power uses the wind to turn the turbines in windmills to create energy.

What is better solar power or windmills?

solar power because it better!!

How do you get solar power fuel?

from wind.

How does wind work?

it works by solar power solar energy.

Does wind work?

it works by solar power solar energy.

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