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Is sonic the hedghog the fastest thing alive?

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He is in Cartoons

No-one can travel at the speed of sound apart from Sonic

In his word he probably is, in the real word he's not but if it has to be alive then yeah he is

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No, Sonic is the fastest thing alive, running faster than the speed of sound!

Yes Sonic is known as the Fastest Thing Alive.

sonic is faster. sonic is the fastest thing alive.

Sonic is the fastest thing alive, what do you think?

Sonic, and anyway he is the "Fastest Thing Alive".

SEGA accidentilly made Sonic fast,not slow

sonic is a speedy blue hedgehog who claims to be the fastest thing alive and is segas masscot

He's not real!! So Of course not...

because he is the fastest thing alive

Yes indeed Sonic is faster than Amy because SONIC IS THE FASTEST THING "ALIVE" !

sonic the hedgehog! hes beter than goku

It might have something to do with the fact that he's the fastest thing alive...

No every says me his he not even alive he a video game and show! & he really thinks dat 2 Shadow is actually faster than Sonic.

Considering that everyone calls Sonic the fastest thing alive, I would say that Mario is the slowest of the two.

Sonic the hedgehog is the fastest thing alive, apart of a successful franchise created by SEGA and he loves chilli dogs but has a fear of water.

Im not sure....but i think it mean speed of sound or fastest thing alive or something...

No he is not slow in the slightest. In fact, he is fast enough to break the sound barrier and cause a sonic boom. Earning him the title, the Fastest Thing Alive.

Well this is one of the easiest answers ever! Obviously, Sonic. I mean c'mon he's only like THE FASTEST THING ALIVE!

Because Mario is gay. But...Mario isn't a billion times better than Sonic. He's the fastest thing alive, after all.

Of course sonic is faster. Sonic can travel up to the spped of light and faster. A bear can only go 40 MPH. a car can go faster than it. Sonic the Hedgehog is by far the fastest thing alive.

It depends what kind of person you are. Me though......SONIC. Sonic is better to ME, because he is the fastest thing alive. Although I think Amy is better. Don't ask me why.

Not In The First Game. The First Game With "Super Sonic Is Sonic The Hedgehog 2" You Have To Get Seven Chaos Emeralds (Run By A Check Point With 50 Rings And Go Inside The Sparkley Thing That Appears)

no way, everybody knows sonic the hedgehog is the fastest thing on the planet!

I think so not sure A jet, shuttle, plane (on mach 1), NN96 nop nothing sonic is the fastest thing alive!!!!!!!!!! ALIVE, meaning a LIVING THING! A jet, shuttle and plane are NOT LIVING THINGS. Therefore, technicly, they are faster than Sonic. Plus, Sonic can go the speed of sound, but a jet plane can go 5X's the speed of sound! NN96

they would prefer him because he seems to be cooler and has more power than sonic. Sure sonic is the fastest thing alive, but shadow can use chaos control. Also shadow looks cooler in super shadow than sonic in supersonic.:]