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Is speaking Spanish in an English speaking work environment illegal in Illinois?

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2006-12-19 23:56:59

Probably not illegal, but certainly rude and inconsiderate to

speak in a way that others do not understand you. Many will assume

that you are talking about them. If others feel that you are

talking about them they may become quite upset with you, perhaps

justifiably so. * The legality issue is still undecided, although

as it now stands an employer can require ""English only" with a few

exceptions. An employer can require employees to speak English when

they are actually on the job but not while they are on breaks or

during meal periods. Nor can the employer (whether it makes sense

or not), require an employee to speak English if he or she does not

know the language. The assumption being that if the employer hires

a non English speaking person said person cannot be discharged for

not learning English. Obviously the matter is unclear in all

aspects and will likely remain so for quite some time to come.

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