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what spice brands are legal in Indiana

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Is spice illegal in Indiana?

No, It's legal as of now.

Does Indiana have legal spice?

Yes, lots of them. Pepper, ginger, allspice, turmeric...

Is k2 spice legal in Indiana?

No. In October 2015, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld Indiana's Synthetic Drug Law. K2 is a synthetic drug.

What is the legal age to buy spice?

Spice is legal for anyone to buy.

Is spice illegal in California?

As of today spice is not legal anymore

Is online gambling legal in Indiana?

No, online gambling is not legal in Indiana.

Are airsoft guns legal in Indiana?

Yes,I live in Indiana and they are legal.

What is the legal smoking age in Indiana?

18 is the legal age for smoking in the state of Indiana

What is the legal age to work in Indiana?

In Indiana I know that the legal age to work is 16 or 17

Is spice legal in Texas?

as of 09/01/11 Spice is illegal to be sold in Texas......goodbye!

Are switch blades legal in Indiana?

They're Illegal in Indiana.

What is spice diamond?

Spice Diamond is the leading legal smoking herbs available in the US. See the link below.

How long will it take for you to pass a drug test if you smoked spice yesterday?

Spice is legal and you can not get in any trouble for smoking it

What is the legal age a child can leave their parent in Indiana?

In Indiana the legal age for a child to leave their parents is 18 years.

What states is spice illegal in?

is kush legal in North Carolina

What is the legal minimum age for a babysitter in the state of Indiana?

in the state of Indiana the legal age is 14 to babysit a child 5 or older

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