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Stone Cold has been severely injured on his neck and doctors have told him he could potentially end up paralyzed if he lands hard on his head again. He retired from Wrestling after that. Occasionally, Stone Cold makes appearances on WWE as a guest referee or something. WrestleMania 27 (2011) he guest refereed the match between Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.

The Rock returned to WWE after 7 long years live on Raw 2/14/11! On that same day he announced that he promises he was never going to leave wrestling and his fans again. He then went on to host WrestleMania 27 (2011). It's speculated that he will now start to compete in the WWE again from this point on.

2011-04-04 19:58:10
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Is stone cold Steve Austin ever going to wrestle again?

no,i dont think so because his previous nick injures and he is noe doing movies and he is to old to wrestle again but there is a chance

Will stone cold ever wrestle again?

Most likely he wil in 2012

Is stone cold steve austin going to return to the WWE?

yes i think stone cold will return to wwe but he wont wrestle

Did stone cold wrestle at WrestleMania 25?


Will Stone Cold wrestle at Wrestlmania?

No, but he will be on Piper's pit. he will be in pippers pit but someone may attact him which will mean he may wrestle them on raw or somthing like that stone cold forever

Will stone cold wrestle again in 2011?

Unlikely due to his past injuries. Most you can hope for is continuing appearances as Special Guest Referee. Sadly.

Will stone cold return to WWE?

Yes , but not to wrestle only for special appearances.

Is stone cold steve austin coming back to WWE?

He is not returning to wrestle!

How do you get stone cold Steve astin in 09?

Get all the bonuses in Road To Wrestle Mania.

Who did the rock wrestle in 1999 edition of WrestleMania mania?

Stone Cold Steve Austin

When is stone cold returning to WWE?

He will not come back to wrestle anymore, so sorry. Even though he might come for special events, but not to wrestle.

Will stone cold return to WWE 2010?

he wont come back to wrestle but will do special appearances.

Why stone cold left WWE?

Stone Cold's knee was injured during a match and now he can't wrestle as much as he used to

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin ever wrestle again?

oh hell yea he will hes coming back in 2011. And he will maybe wrestle again cause he got his surgery hm let me think maybe (2010) and cause nothing can stop a rattlesnake :D Frpm a big wrestling fan

Will 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin ever wrestle at Summerslam or the Survivor Series?

Of course.... NOT!!!

Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle at the 1998 edition of Over the Edge?

i believe it was Dude Love.:)

Does Stone Cold still wrestle?

Stone cold retired a few years ago but still makes some special events..such as WM26...he is now in the film industry and words of that catorgory

Who did the rock wrestle in 1999 edition of wrestle-mania mania?

The Rock wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin to defend his WWF Championship in the main event and lost.

Will the rock fight at WrestleMania 26?

No,he won't he is a actor now. Maybe he will vist but not wrestle,like stone cold Wrestlemania25

Is The Rock going to be in the WWE Hall of fame?

No it will be stone cold well rock might be in it but stone cold is leading it

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin return to WWE after he has been inducted into the hall of fame?

Stone Cold will never return to the WWE full time he will continue to make guest apperances because of a neck injury he can not wrestle anymore.

Will Stone Cold ever return to WWE?

Stone Cold Steve Austin may return to WWE to be a guest host of Monday Night RAW.stone cold may return to stunner someone,or to drink some beer,but never to wrestle,because of a back problemStone Cold Steve Austin may return to WWE to be a guest host of Monday Night RAW.

Stone Cold Steve Austin return to WWE?

He will return at wrestle mania 27. I know because I am the chairman of the WWE. I'm not kidding.

Is Randy Orton going to do the Rko on Stone Cold?

I don't think so stone cold hasn't been in wrestling for a wile!

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin make a WWE return in 2008 to wrestle?

Stone Cold Steve Austin is The Greatest Wrestler Of All Time and Im Not Sure if he will make a return to wrestleing but even if he doesnt he is still a all time great.