Is study better than sports

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Unless you're athletically gifted, Yes.

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Q: Is study better than sports
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Are boys sports better than girls sports?

not in all sports. girls are usually better in tennis

Are girls just as good as boys in sports?

yes they are actually in some sports girls are better than boys. Depending on the sport yes. There are several sports out there where girls are better than the boys. Though girls can be just as good or better than guys in some sports, the boys are naturally stronger making them better than girls at most sports.

Who is better at sports?

Guys are better at sports than girls, because they are a lot stronger and can lift more weight than what a girl can.

How are sports important with studies for a better career?

Sports as well as studies is better for a career because if you are good in sports you may choose a sport career or studies, you may choose a study career eg: teacher.

How is the study of English language better than the study of mathematics?

One is not "better" than the other, if you want to be a mathematician then the study of math would be "better" in the same sense that a linguist would be better off studying English language.

Do people like summer sports better than winter sports?

yes,yes they do

Are mental sports better than physical sports?

no they are not but it makes your brain think more!

Is ESPN fantsay sports better than yahoo fantasy sports?

This is a simpile opinion.

Why austrilla is better then India in sports?

Australia focuses on sports more than India

Is New Zealand better at sports than Australia?

New Zealand is better than Australia at Rugby.

Why are sports more important than studies?

Studies are always more important than sports because studies have much more vacancies than sports. If you are interested or good in any subject than u can atleast make a career in which you can spend your life happily but in sports if any person performed better than you.. Then you are shown the exit door...

Which gender is better at sports?

One opinion: Men are better than women at some sports and women are better than men at some sports! Another opinion: If you take the best men in the world at sports and the best women at sports, men are better. Look at the Olympics. The highscore for men is always higher. Another opinion: Females are faster at running and more flexible than most of the male population.