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Q: Is studying computer science without knowing any of the programming OK?
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What is the diffirence of computer programming and computer science?

Computer science is a more abstract study of computing techniques; which will include computer programming. Computer programming, as it implies, is the practise of writing programs for computers.

Am i eligible to study BSC computer science after studying inter-vocational computer science?

Am i eligible to study maths after studying inter-vocational computer science?

The advantage of information technology over computer science?

Addvatage of studying of computer science?

Does computer programming have its own degree or do you need to major in computer science?

There are Associated Degree (U.S.A.) and Professional Certification available for Computer programming. But you don't need to have one to be a programmer, and have any of those (AA degree or certification) does not mean that you can or should program, either!!Computer Science major is NOT the only way to learn computer programming. There should be courses available for non-computer science majors.

What has the author Christos K K Loverdos written?

Christos K. K. Loverdos has written: 'Steps in Scala' -- subject(s): Multiparadigm programming (Computer science), Functional programming (Computer science), Scala (Computer program language), Object-oriented programming (Computer science)

What are the different examples in computer application in science?

Programming and design are examples in computer application in science.

What does informatica mean in English?

Translation: Computer Science OR Computer Programming

Is it true that if you are good at mathematics but not programming you will fail computer science?

No, you probably won't fail computer science. Probably. Mathematics involves logic and problem solving - which is a major part of computer science. Although programming is also a big part of computer science, there are quite a lot of branches to do with computers, and you don't necessarily have to work with programming. I'm good at maths and not so good at programming but I still did pretty well (better than all the hard-core programmers) in the computer science / programming class. If that's any consolation.

What is definition editors in system programming in computer science?


Is computer science technology and computer engineering the same?

Not exactly. Although they are very similar, computer science and computer engineering are slightly different. Computer science tends to focus on software and programming. Computer engineering focuses more on hardware, like computer chips and hard drives. There is a bit of overlap though in that computer engineers may do some programming and computer science specialists may occasionally deal with hardware.

What is the relationship between computer science and computer programing?

Computer science and computer programming are closely related fields, but they represent different aspects of the broader realm of computing. Here's a breakdown of their relationship: Computer Science: Definition: Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including algorithms, data structures, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer architecture, software engineering, and more. Focus: Computer science focuses on understanding the principles and theories that underlie the design and functionality of computers. It explores the broader concepts and methodologies involved in solving computational problems. Computer Programming: Definition: Computer programming, often referred to simply as programming or coding, is the process of designing and building executable computer programs. It involves writing code in programming languages to instruct computers to perform specific tasks or solve particular problems. Focus: Computer programming is a practical application of computer science concepts. Programmers use their knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and programming languages to create software applications, scripts, or systems. Relationship: Interdependence: Computer programming is a practical skill within the broader field of computer science. While computer science provides the theoretical foundation and conceptual framework, computer programming is the hands-on implementation of these concepts to create software solutions. Implementation of Concepts: Programmers apply computer science principles when developing software. They use algorithms and data structures to efficiently solve problems, and they leverage their understanding of software engineering to design and build robust and scalable applications. Dynamic Interaction: The relationship between computer science and programming is dynamic. Advances in computer science research often lead to the development of new programming paradigms, languages, and tools, while practical programming experiences contribute to the refinement and validation of computer science theories. In summary, computer science provides the theoretical knowledge and overarching principles, while computer programming is the practical application of that knowledge to create software. They are intertwined, with advancements in one field often influencing the other, making them essential components of the broader field of computing.

What are the branches of architechure?

• Computer Science • Information Technology • Communication • Computer Engineering • Information • Programming